Success is a Mind Game – Talk in Herts

Do you have a goal or an ambition that you have yet to achieve?

A great question to ask yourself is:

“How can I get from wanting to achieving?”

Well at the Positive Living Group Group in Herts this month you can find out how..

The Positive Living Group Group speaker this month is Chris Todd.

Chris is an Ultra Athlete and part time adventurer who’s talk is titled: Success is a Mind Game

Chris’s talk will be fascinating as he has achieved some incredible feats of endurance, including hauling a heavy sledge 353 miles in 7 days, in temps as low as minus 80 C with less than 20 hours sleep and also running 150 miles through the desert.

In this picture on the left Chris is walking across the Irish sea in a self constructed Tredalo!

Chris has succeeded in many areas where others have failed.


In fact more people have walked on the moon than have completed some of the challenges Chris has completed!

As well as hearing about Chris’s fascinating adventure you will also find discover:

  • • How to figure out what you really want
  • • Understand why it is easier to win when the challenge is tough
  • • Understand why most people fail before they start
  • • Little known but very powerful techniques to boost your success
  • • Several down to earth tips that you can apply immediately, plus…
  • • How to make success a habit

Chris is also the creator of ‘Irrepressible Success’ a unique “success system” for breaking down goals, targets and how to achieve them.So come along to this talk and find out more

However Chris does not have any superhuman powers!

He is just a regular guy who achieves extraordinary things and he is here to show you how you can do the same.

What you will discover at this talk you can apply to any goal, project or dream you may want to achieve.

And coming to this talk could well be the first step to really making it happen for you.

Booking Details:

Positive Living Group – October

SPEAKER: Chris Todd – Ultra Athlete and Part-time Adventurer!

TOPIC: Success is a Mind Game!

DATE: Thursday 31st October 7.30 – 9.30pm

LOCATION: Friends Meeting House 109 Handside Lane (next door to the Barn Theatre), Welwyn Garden City AL8 6SP

PRICE: £10


Or contact me for more information

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