Law of Attraction: You can do it!

My mind is full of things I’d like to chat to you about.
So I’ve chosen one and it’s back to basics!

Wherever you are now, while you’re reading this, turn around 180 degrees, or as far as you can, and notice what you see.

You are still where you are, but you’re focusing on something entirely different – you’re seeing a different ‘world’.

Today I’d like to show you an entirely different perspective
about the law of attraction and consciously creating your life.

Life is often described as a journey – a journey from where we are to where we want to go.

Another way of describing it, is a process. It’s a process of growth and evolution of who you are to who you want to  become.
seeds_growingThe problem is that no one is interested in growth and evolution – that’s something to do with Darwin – nothing to do with me. Just give me the manifestations to make life easier

But it has everything to do with you.

What I call conscious creation (you making conscious choices what you want in your life) is your own person journey of growth and evolution as well as getting all the wonderful ‘stuff’ of life to play with!

To get from where you are to where you want to be – you have to change. You have to grow and evolve and become more than you are now.

This is the slow, gentle and subtle process you go through daily to manifest your dream – its you turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly.
butterfly-5It’s your journey of daily growing and evolving, becoming the person who already is living that dream.

And you are doing this consciously and deliberately! Just stop and think for a moment – you are directing your own spiritual and personal evolution!
We get tied up in the myths and rituals of the past, so much so that sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees. I know it’s difficult to remember that you’re a spiritual being living a physical life when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But there is no tunnel
we only think there is
and the light is always on.

Nothing is wrong! Nothing needs to be fixed.

Life is always showing you the next step: showing you what you need to changed so you can move towards becoming your future self that lives in happiness and joy.

I know you want to change something in your life, we all do and we always will do.

You’ve awakened to the fact that you can create your own reality. It’s more than a concept, it’s the process of life!

We are so entrenched in our beliefs from the past that making the change sometimes seem impossible. But it isn’t. You can do it.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
How do you build a house? One brick at a time.
How do you change your life? One thought at a time!

Begin by modifying your daily ritual. Every morning allow, even a few minutes, for affirmations and gratitude.

Smile. Smile to yourself and to everyone you talk to. If you don’t like how you’re feeling, don’t talk about it – smile instead.

 Affirmations. Gratitude. Smile. Music.

These are four things that can guide you through the day.
Play your favourite music.
Repeat positive statements about you are.
Smile – at every opportunity.  If you don’t find any opportunities – make them yourself.
Say Thank You for everything you do have – and that’s more than you think.

You can do it.
You’ve been creating positive things for years. But sometimes you focus more on what you think is missing, rather than focusing on the fact that your new life is on its way.  You can do it – you can create and live an Exceptional Life!

The more you prepare yourself, the more you live as your future self, the quicker that life will be delivered.   Of course you can do it!

rose-todd-blogI have developed an easy to use tool, with a simple strategy to follow.  It’s called the 30 Day Diary.  Have a look, I know you’ll love it.  I’ve had wonderful reviews.

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Rose Todd

  • Judy King says:

    Hi Rose,
    I was reading your blog while at the hairdressers looking in the mirror, so I could see what was behind and infront and would see the same by turning 180 degrees…so….it doesn’t matter what’s behind or infront of you…it’s where you are now???
    Judy x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Judy. Thanks for the comment. You can only be where you – its all important. But it’s how you perceive where you are that’s important. I was hoping to give you a different view of where you are. Even looking in the mirror and seeing the back of you is a different perspective. I wanted you to have a different view of life.
      I’m sure you look very ‘glam’ after your hairdo.
      Take care.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Judy
      Thank you for your comment that you posted in May! It seemed to have slipped though my fingers. I love it that you could see in front and behind you in the mirror. It really is just like life – and you’re right – it is all about where you are now, in this moment. This moment is everything. I hope all is well with you and the family. Keep well.

  • ali bredin says:

    Hi Rose. Well how’s that for divine timing? I’ve just been driving home getting anxious and low about the fact that my life is not where I want it to be right now and trapped by circumstance. I get home to read your blog and it spoke right to me and put things back into perspective for me. Thankyou so much. I can now refocus on my gratitude for how wonderful my life and loved ones are and let the rest unfold in divine time. Thankyou xx

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Ali. Thank you so much for your email. I’ve very glad the blog lifted your spirits and helped you see life from a different perspective. That was the intention. When we get caught up in anxiety, we forget that the law of attraction is sending us more negative anxious thoughts, and its difficult to change our thoughts long enough to stop the anxiety. Glad my words helped. We all have got so much to be grateful for.
      Warm wishes Rose.

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