Law of Attraction. I’m not there. I’m here

rose-todd-blog-cumbriaLast week I forgot to tell you that I’m not there. I’m here.

I usually mention, at least on Facebook, when I go away so you know why the stream of positive thoughts are no longer being posted.

However, I felt like a change and made a sudden decision to come way for a few days.

Then I thought ‘that sounds like a good blog’ because basically we always want to change something about our lives. I’m not saying that you’re necessarily discontented, but I know there’s something you want to change in your life.

We all want something that we haven’t got yet. So we are continuously ‘here’ and want to be ‘there’.

I’m up in the amazingly beautiful Cumbria at the moment. I love it here. I love mountains and hills. Mountains feed my soul. Mountains and lakes – who could want for more? But I know you sun-lovers won’t agree with me on this.

I’m quite sure a lot of people, when they first become aware they can create everything they want in life, think what they want will come to them. After all, aren’t you told you can ‘attract’ things to you? (I’ve never told you that, because it isn’t so).

I was at home and I wanted to go to beautiful Cumbria to talk the mountains.

No matter how hard I positively think; no matter how much I imagine, even with intense feelings, there is no way I can bring Cumbria down to Hertfordshire! (It’s a lovely concept – but totally unworkable).

I had to go to Cumbria. I chose to drive because I wanted to enjoy the journey.

I traveled along the motorways and through many different kinds of scenery. I drove slowly through the complexity of road works, through industrial areas, between vast rolling fields of spectacular yellow rape seed.

The hours and the miles rolled by and I loved every minute of the journey.

At last small hills that gave way to larger hills and vales. I felt myself sigh with contentment. As I got closer to the Lake District, the clouds became grey and a soft mist drifted down to the road, blurring the horizon. I love mist! It’s mysterious. Anything can come out of the mist – it holds the field of possibilities.

To get where you want to be in life, you have to leave where you are and journey towards where you want to be.

You have to change. You have to leave who you are and become the person who already has what you want.

If you struggle and complain about the road works you’ll be caught up in them for ever and you’ll never get to Cumbria!

Enjoy the magical unfolding of your journey and you’ll get there sooner.


I developed the 30 Day Diary as a road map to help you on your journey to becoming that future self who is already living your dream.

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