Does the law of attraction really work?

aw-of-attraction-does it work-blogMany people have asked me this question and I’m sure you’ve wondered about it yourself.

When I asked Google the same question, it gave me 84 million options to look at. So it seems – you are not alone!

The answer is YES! The law of attraction does work.

It’s a natural law, it cannot not work.

It always responds to your thoughts and feelings. But what everyone means is, why hasn’t the law of attraction delivered what I want and why does it deliver things I definitely don’t want!

Do you create all the horrid and painful things in your life?

I’m sorry to say, yes you do. You just don’t know that you are. We are creating life in every moment with every thought and we create either consciously or unconsciously via the subconscious mind.

Just take a moment and think how much of each day you consciously watch your thoughts and check they are positive? If life is not as good as you want it to be, then I can guarantee you’re not positively thinking 55% of the day.

Lurking in our subconscious mind are ill-serving beliefs we gathered from our experiences as children and a lot of them are based on fear and lack of self-worth. We have lots of negative beliefs that don’t serve us and stop all the wonderful things coming to us. And they are not true!

Letting go of these beliefs is crucial to creating the life of your dreams. Holding on to negative experiences is so destruction but once you start to practice letting them go, your life begins to change very quickly.

Ask yourself these questions:

Does hanging on to my hurts and anger serve any purpose? (Anger and resentment drain our energy and we keep us imprisoned in the past.)

Does hanging on to them help me to move forward?

Does hanging on to them work in my favour?

No is the answer to all the questions.

You can begin to let go by consciously telling yourself ‘These feelings don’t serve me so I’m letting them go and from now on, I’m focusing on the positive and what is important to me’.

This is one of the hardest things to do. We know we should do it and we beat ourselves up when we don’t do it and so the law of attraction delivers more problems.

A long time ago I learnt that I create my own life. I created some wonderful successes and had some dismal failures. Then I discovered that my beliefs were creating about 98% of my life without me knowing.

I started to become aware of how I felt and noticed my thought patterns about certain people and experiences and I began to change them.

Over the years I’ve released dozens of beliefs about myself and life and now I’d like to help you. You too can lift the veils of fear and lack of self-worth. A magical life awaits you on the other side.

The very best way to change your beliefs is to focus on them for a constant 30 days… this is enough to change your habit patterns, change the way you look at the world and yourself… and long enough for you to get results.

It you would like to try this…
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