Law of attraction. Here’s a solution that can work for you.

Affirmation Do you know exactly where you want to go, but find that doubt creeps in and you can’t seem to see a clear way of achieving our goals?

If so, you’re not alone. This was something Heather wanted to discuss with me. Heather has recently started the 4 part on-line course, the 30 Day Diary. It’s a practical way of using law of attraction. The course includes access to a secret Facebook group where I can chat freely with the participants, discussing thoughts and answering questions.

Heather knew where she wanted to go, but was doubting that’d she’d get there because she couldn’t see how it was going to happen.
I wonder if you remember me saying ‘don’t second guess the Universe’. Due to the nature of the law of attraction you are always going to get more of what you’re thinking and feeling, so going into doubt means you’re creating, and will manifest, deeper doubts. That could probably lead to depression and it certainly would lead to a lack of confidence!

I wonder if you remember me saying

‘Dream your dream but don’t ask how and don’t ask when’.

It you ask ‘where is it’ you immediately send out strong vibrations of doubt and, because your fear-based belief and thoughts have been running longer than you’re newly programmed positive thought, you’ll create not achieving your goal.

So, that’s how it works and understanding it is really helpful – but what do we do about it?
As you know, I’m a very practical person, so we need things ‘to do’ so we can put the understanding and theory into practice and begin to change our lives!

1. Find someone who is already living your dream. I’m sure you already have ‘heroes and heroines’ that you follow. Pay more attention to their lives and ‘model them. It can help you bring the life-style alive for you. If they’ve done it, then so can you! How do I know you can? Because I know you’re an extremely powerful and genius creator – we all are, but we often need reminding.

Look at where you are now and at the life you want to lead. What has to change before you can get to where you want to be? Do you have learn a new skill; a new language; lose weight; learn to drive?

Something in you has to change before you can live your dream.

This whole ‘you can have, do and be whatever you want’ stuff is all about you and changing who you believe you are.
Until we come to believe that we can be, do and have everything we want (did you notice I subtly changed the order from have, do and be to be, do and have) you’ll never get where you want to go. You have to be-come that person before the law of attraction can deliver.

3. Chunk it down! Just as you plan a journey – you know your destination but you’ve still got to work out how to get there. Let’s say you want to go to New Zealand. You can get on a flight and fly straight there – but there is so much preparation to do before-hand.
You have to save the fares, sort out travel arrangements, make sure your animals are cared for while you’re away –and loads more. You get the idea.

Do the same with your goal – break it down into small ‘do-able’ steps, but always holding the dream in your mind. 

4. The most important thing of all. Start developing a relationship with that ‘future self’ who is already living that life. Everything we do in life, is connected to the future. If you’ve been ill, you don’t want to get better because of yesterday or last week – you want to get better for tomorrow. If you what to heal a relationship, you don’t want to do this because of what has happened before, you want to heal it so tomorrow is better.

Your relationship with your future self, who is already living your dream (because you’ve dreamt it) already has everything you want. This is a vital relationship.  This is perhaps the most important piece of this blog.

Start to dream you are your future self. Start to live as if you are that Future Self in this moment – start to feel as if you’re already living the dream.

I hope these 4 points help you get in touch with your dream. Although it’s so easy to doubt, never, ever doubt that you have the ability to achieve anything you want to, so many already have and you can too.

One of the things that Heather is doing with the 30 Day Diary programme, is building a relationship with her Future Self. If you’re interested in this programme, click here or on the 30 Day Diary icon at the top of the banner on the right.

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