Law of attraction and the Autumn Equinox

Autumn EquinoxAlthough I’m fascinated by astrology and I read my daily forecast – always positive, of course – I know very little about it. (Perhaps I should buy a book)!
Tomorrow is the 23rd September and the autumn equinox. This equinox falls between two eclipses and a blue moon too and it marks the end of some powerful and painful cycles.

Apparently we are moving into a time of new spiritual awakening as Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron dance around the skies.
Saturn, the planet of change has just finished its retrograde stage and so, with all this powerful energy at play, big changes are coming.
Saturn brings change and, you can either go with it gracefully, or dig your heels in and try to do things your way.

But can I give you some advice here? Welcome the changes and go with them willingly.

You may not initially be happy with the changes you’re offered, but resisting them will cause you greater pain.

What a good thing we create our own reality and we can chose how we respond to situations.

Some have suggested that this is a time of spiritual growth and it might be an excellent time to look at your personal growth too. Have you noticed any repetitive negative patterns lately? Has the voice in your head been much louder than usual?  These are the thought patterns that stop your dreams manifesting.

If so, perhaps it’s time for you to stop for a while and pull your positive mind-set back into operation.

No matter what the planets are doing, never forget that you are amazing and a genius creator and you can have, do and be anything you like. But to do that, you have belief in yourself.

Conjure a knowing that is beyond belief, that you can do it and have faith that the universe will provide.

You can use this week’s energy as a spring board: a new jumping off point, where you can spread your wings and fly. Everything is possible and  you can turn the possible into a  probability, with focus, feelings and visualisations. You can make it ‘real.

I have created a wonderful tool to help you manifest what you want in life. It reminds you of your personal power and the power of the law of attraction, and how it only responds to you. It shows you how to use the most powerful tool of creation  your imagination, to create what you want next in life.  Have a look now – it could bring you the magic you need to need to help you over a block.


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