Instant Manifestation

It seems that we are all in such a hurry these days and we want things to happen ‘quickly’.  We very quickly got used to instant coffee and instant meals from a microwave oven.  And now Instant Communication is the name of our game.

So when people find out about the Law of Attraction and that they can create what they want in life, they are usually want instant manifestation too.

Instant manifestation doesn’t happen to me that often.  Occasionally I’ve had things manifest in 30 minutes, or perhaps 20 or 10 minutes – but rarely instantly.

However, I would like to tell you a tale of Instant manifestation.

When in town a few days ago, I went to the health shop to refill of my eco-friendly washing up liquid. I went to the stand that holds the refill pouches. There is a cradle that is specifically designed to hold the bottle while they refill.  But it seems to me, that either they didn’t get the mould right or they’ve changed the shape of the bottles because the bottles don’t fit snuggly and really do need to be held steady.

So, I put the bottle into the cradle and held it one hand, depressing the tap with the other hand. You need to keep the tap depressed to keep the liquid flowing.

All is going well expect the flow is very slow because the pouch is nearly empty and needs to be squeezed.  This is a three-handed job!  So you can see the problem can’t you?

So I let go of the bottle and squeezed the pouch and got a good flow of liquid into the bottle. Ha! I thought – the bottle is stable.

Once the bottle was full, I let go of the pouch and tap, put my hand in my pocket to get the lid (now I was not touching the bottle at all) and three drips dropped from the tap as I thought ‘oh I hope it doesn’t fall over now’.

The instant the thought was complete – the bottle toppled sideways spreading half its contents all over the floor…

..Soap Suds everywhere!

Make sure you want what you’re thinking – instant manifestation does happen!

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Rose Todd

  • Krishna says:

    this is funny

    thank you Rose

    • Rose Todd says:

      Pleasure Krishna. Glad you enjoyed it. Rose

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