Fun Evening

At first, the people came in dribs and drabs and took their places in the small room.  Then a clump came together and a few more arrived, and soon the room was almost full. But we waited a few minutes in case there were any stragglers, as parking was difficult to find – and there were.

Now, there was only one seat available in the front row – and this was taken by a late-comer.  All had gathered because they were interested in understanding how they create their own lives.

If the truth be known, I’m sure all of them came because they wanted to create something very specific!  But we didn’t discuss what anyone particularly wanted.

I talked about the mechanics of how the Law of Attraction works and how we interact with it to create our own lives, and they listened very attentively. We had some tea and homemade biscuits and then the discussion and questions and the fun and the laughter began!

It was a fun evening and I would like to thank all who attended for helping to make the meeting successful and enjoyable.  Our intention and our focus created a resonance of real enjoyment.  We combined our energies and co-created a wonderful time.

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Rose Todd