Find it difficult to say No?

Do you have trouble making boundaries – and keeping them?
Can you relate to this example?

“Mother has a really strong will-power. I don’t seem to have the strength to stand up for myself.  I just do everything she tells me. I don’t have it in me to tell her No.  I’m exhausted.
Sometimes I long to go somewhere just for a few hours, where I can be on my own to avoid the inevitable flood of anger and criticism that rains over me, if I do manage to say No to her.  She over whelms me.

I don’t seem to have even a smidgen of the will-power mother has, so I can’t stand up for myself”.

If you’d like to try a natural and simply way to help you define your boundaries, and perhaps something to give you confidence but don’t know which remedy would help you – Click the image below to get these Free Bach Flower Guides.  


Willingnss to help

Caring Clare is a gentle soul, easy-going and seemingly weak-willed.  She finds it much easier to be guided by others than to make her own decisions.  As she is willing to help others, they often take advantage of her of her good nature and her willingness to help.

Unfortunately, Caring Clare is easily persuaded and often exploited.  She’s lead astray and in her genuine desire to please – she always takes on more than she can do.  (Does this sound familiar to you?) When her friends tell her off because she’s taken on too much, she denies it.  She finds when someone asked for her help, she simply can’t say no!

Becomes a doormat

Bach called those in need of Centaury ‘doormats’.    Those in need of Centaury have a weak sense of will and they can’t stand up for themselves.  They can’t make boundaries in their lives and so they allow others to over step the mark.  The Bach Flower Remedy called Centaury will strength their will and resolve.

Positive effects

The positive effect of this very useful remedy are….

Now, when Caring Clare is in a difficult situation, she now asks herself “what do I want” and then makes her own decisions.

Centaury people are the ‘servers’ of our community, our nurses and carers, so they are always going to be of service but now they are able to say No when necessary and will quietly and unobtrusively go about being of service.  But now she’ll  follow her own inner desires, instead of following the instructions of others.

Bach Flower Remedies is an extremely powerful method of healing. It can pull you out of a crisis in seconds; it can help you manage the stress of daily life and, if you choose to look deeper, you can use it as a path to self-knowledge and finding your spiritual connection – as I did.   [Perhaps one day I’ll tell you about that!]

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Over to you.

Now its over to you.  I love hearing from you so please share your thoughts and comments about this simple and extremely effective healing system.

Please leave your comments in the Comments Box below.


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Rose Todd

  • Mary says:

    Rose, your writing & explanations are so thorough….I really enjoy them.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Mary. Thank you for your kind words.
      I’m glad you enjoy the blogs and they help you understand the remedies better.
      Have fun using the remedies.
      Warm wishes.

  • Vids says:

    Hi Rose, Thanks for the detailed explanations for the flower remedies. Centaury gives the will to do something and to have your own voice rather than to become a doormat right? Have you tried the combination of Centaury with Larch? Does it help in boosting confidence along with ascertaining oneself?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Vids. Thank you for your Comment. Yes, you’re right. Centaury strengthens the will to stand up for oneself. I think Centaury and Larch would go well together.
      However, if you’re interested in the remedies themselves (and not only wanting to feel better) I would suggest taking Centaury on its own. That might not only give the strength of will, but that might bring all the confidence you need! 🙂

      • Laurence says:

        Hi Rose I feel the addition of mimulus and perhaps pine is needed mimulus because avoidance of saying no could be the fear of confrontation or people not liking you
        And pine if there’s lingering feeling of guilt.
        Would crabapple also help if the person feels they have no value or low self worth

        • Rose Todd says:

          Hello Laurence. Thank you for leaving a comment. You’ve made some good suggestions. And it’s possible that fear and anxieties, and fear of getting it wrong are all involved in not saying No.
          When writing a blog, I go as ‘general’ as I can and don’t like to add too many remedies.
          As you know we’re all individuals and we all have completely different emotions for the same experiences.
          As a general rule of thumb, I give the remedies for the 6 most intense feelings I see in my client. thank you so much for leaving a comment. I do appreciate your input. Take care. Rose

  • K says:

    how do i know I need this remedy

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Krishna. Do you mean, how will you know if you need Centaury?
      Those in need of Centaur are often in the Caring professions, like nursing or being a Carer. They’re the natural Carers of our community.
      Well, you’ll find yourself unable to say No when people ask you to do something. You’ll take on more things that you can cope with, but you’ll do them even though you’ve no time and you’re exhausted. If you need the remedy if you’re a modern-day Cinderella.
      Are you like this? I hope it helps. Rose.

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