What New World?

So, it’s now the middle of January and we were promised a New World!

Where is it then?  Is your world the same as it was 2 weeks ago?

Mine is and so I started thinking…

Did I honestly expect my entire life to change into a Disneyland fantasy; magically,
over-night, on 1st January?

Well, if you put it like that; no I didn’t.  And I’m sure you didn’t either.

Can I take a minute of your time to point out that nothing will change until you do.
You can’t lie on the sofa, dreaming dreams of a better life and expect the postman to deliver a large parcel to you marked ‘Better Life’.  It just doesn’t happen like that.

You have to ‘do’ something about it!  But ‘doing’ is not the only thing involved.  More importantly, creating a better life involves your state of ‘being’.  It involves your passion, your enthusiasm, a sense of fun as you embark on the adventure towards your ‘goal’.  With all these in place, you can now start ‘doing’.

And now, I’m going to throw some horrid words at you: it takes discipline (I can almost feel you shudder) it takes patience (did I hear you say you don’t have much?) and it takes persistent focus!

As children, we were all taught “keep your eye on the ball” and “look where you’re going.”   These are two of the best bits of advice given to us by our parents.  Now is the time to use them both.

To change your life, you have to enjoy what you’re doing; know where you want to go; have the discipline to use your intention and attention (focus), be patient – we are not always as ready as we think we are to receive all that we want, all at once.  And be persistent in your thoughts and your work.

Your intention, with patient discipline of focus; persistent loving excited anticipation will take you one step at a time closer to your goal. In fact it will move you there more quickly than you think possible.

Great opportunities are coming this year, but will you and I be aware enough to notice them?

I do hope so.


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Rose Todd