The Beatles and Elvis

Time once again for tea and a little philosophy of the Law of Attraction.   However, there is nothing deep and meaningful that has sprung to mind today, so you have something light and frothy instead.  Perhaps we should be having cappuccinos instead of tea?

The other day while doing some serious work, I had the Beatles playing on the stereo (loud, of course).  Now I bet you are thinking that I’m going to write about music and vibrations and how we have to align our vibrations with what we want.  Well, I wasn’t, but I can if you like, perhaps another time. 

It was just that I had a very nifty thought!  Their song ‘No Reply’ was playing and I thought – ‘they’ve got it all wrong’!  The Law of Attraction always replies.  There is always a ‘reply’ to every thought we think.  And I realised that Elvis has got it right – ‘Return to Sender’ – and whatever you think, does!

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Rose Todd

  • Harmony says:

    I like how you found an Elvis song to counteract the Beatles message, although I also have to say that I think the Beatles would probably have been more receptive to the concept of Law of Attraction than Elvis!

    I am finding out that the biggest stumbling block is belief, having the faith. I have read and read but now I need to let a lot of these ideas sink into my subconscious, and try to take it easy and simply believe that all good things are coming to me now. Like you I have a blog on the law of attraction, about my own journey to find out about it and review information from all the various avatars and gurus.

    Best wishes with everything!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Harmoney. Thank you for writing. I do love to receive comments. I agree, from what we know the the Beatles, they would have known they create their own reality. However, Elvis too was a deeply religious/spiritual man and possibly had a good inclination he was in charge of his life!
      You say you biggest stumbling block is having faith. I found that a deep understand of how the law of attraction works gave be the faith and the belief that we do create our world with our thoughts and feelings.
      The other thing that gave me faith – faith in myself, was by taking the Bach Flower Remedies to heal, soothe and lift my moods and vibrations. This gave be a lot of confidence that I can do it. All things are coming to you. I hope you find a way to raise your vibrations until your vibrations match the vibrations of what you want – then it has to come to you.
      Good luck with your blog too.
      Best wishes.

  • Fay says:

    Sorry to say but I believe you’re incorrect, Elvis was a very spiritual man & was open to all religions & philosophies. He wore a Star of David & a cross to cover his bases. He widely read spiritual books & his stepbrother attests he utilized LOA all the time. Just because he died sadly doesn’t mean he was oblivious or narrow minded. I personally feel that when he sang he was plugged in, tapped in & turned on. I think he was one with Source/God when he sang. It’s evident when you see & hear him perform songs with deep meaning. Then I believe he felt a separateness from that bliss when facing “reality” that was excruciatingly painful for him. It seems that people often confuse the myth with the man. Those close to him say he was very introspective & always searching for higher meaning. I think the drug use was an attempt to recreate the bliss & stop the pain. Maybe he didn’t know how to verbalize it & live this out to the fullest, but I think we can all relate to that struggle.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Tarenol
      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the take to write – and so passionately about Elvis too.
      Firstly, the blog was about the titles of the songs – not the man or the group themselves.
      I am a huge Elvis fan – I grew up in the 1960s, so for me, there is nothing like Elvis. I agree with much of what you said. Thank you for sharing it with me. Take care. Rose

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