Small Talk

Christmas is over.  How about a cup of tea, a mince pie and a discussion on the Law of Attraction philosophy? I hope you had a good Christmas and all your plans went as you planned.

I’m stumped. I’ve thought and thought about something to write for the momentous occasion of the New Year, the beginning of 2011. (Golly only 367 days to 2012; the year that has really cast the cat among the pigeons for many). I’ve been on the look-out for a suitable double-meaning phrase that I can turn to my advantage and found nothing! I’ve woken up each morning and thought ‘today it is my intention to find some every-day philosophy for the blog’ – and found nothing! I’ve asked for miracles and not noticed them coming!
I’ve started several; one about squirrels digging holes in the lawn looking for their forgotten treasures; another about living in the ‘in between’ – between Christmas and New Year. Thought about how we all eat too much at Christmas and then regret it afterwards, but still do it anyway. I’ve paged through books looking for just that one phrase that will trigger something, turning on the light bulb of inspiration. And still nothing. 

However, I was given several remarkable books at Christmas, one was ‘Positively Pooh – the Timeless Wisdom of Pooh’ (Bear – Winnie-the-Pooh by A A Milne). And there, in the last chapter of Pooh Philosophy is ‘Start with small talk to brighten up conversations’ – so I have done just that!
I hope you all have a wonderful new year. Be bold: dream dreams that surprise you. Let your imagination run free, hold your focus on the dreams and then settle down to bring them into your life.
See you next year.

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Rose Todd