12 Days of Christmas

Good morning. We are now starting on the 12 days of Christmas. What an excellent time to discuss the Law of Attraction philosophy over a cup of tea.
Christmas is nearly here, and if we are to believe one of the most famous songs of Christmas, then our true love is going to give us a whole string of gifts. However, I’m not too sure about this at all. Think of the logistics of the poor postie having to struggle up the hill daily to deliver them!

The partridge in the pear tree is fine. The partridge will probably fly away but a pear tree would be very nice. Five golden rings would be wonderful, particularly if some of them sparkled. Six geese a-laying – I’m going to assume these are all geese that lay golden eggs!

And then I begin to have trouble: Seven swans a-swimming – I don’t have a river, a pond or a swimming pool. What am I going to do with all these swans? Are these royal bird meant for Christmas dinner I wonder? Eight maids a-milking – do they come with cows? If so, I’d need to hire a stable or a meadow. Where does one find a meadow at short notice I wonder?
Nine ladies dancing. Ah yes, the entertainment, the dancing girls, excellent idea. But ten lords a-leaping? Here the mind runs free – I can imagine ten cartoon lords, with pot bellies, in their red cloaks with ermine trim flowing behind them, leaping about our parliamentary House of Lords. Or perhaps it is ten young lords at a splendid party or all running a hurdles race? What do am I going to do with these ten lords? Perhaps match them up with the dancing girls? That would certainly entertain them all.
And are all these people staying for Christmas dinner? Was I given the geese and the royal swans to help out with catering?
There are just too many difficulties involved. It may be a lovely concept, but it’s just not practical.
However I do have another option. Over these twelve days, don’t leave it up to your true love – each day choose to focus and be one of the following: Be loving to all that come into your world. Be compassionate; be steadfast, keep your balance while all those about you are loosing theirs. Be gentle and tender. Be strong. Be understanding. Be tolerant. Be forgiving of others and yourself. (The latter is often the most difficult). Be courageous. Be joyful. Be wise – you are already wiser than you realise. And finally be at peace. All is well in our world.
And where is the Law of Attraction in all this you might ask? If you become these states of being you will receive the bounty and the abundance of the Universe.
Happy Christmas to you all.

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