Paying for your past?

Hello. Here I am again with a cup of tea, ready to discuss Law of Attraction philosophy. Hope you are ready too?

I was standing in a queue at the bank the other day, and noticed a poster that said ‘Are you paying for your past?’ It was advertising a financial guidance scheme. But I immediately thought of how many people are ‘paying for their past’ in other ways too.

The Law of attraction only has one point of attraction – and it is NOW. The thought you are thinking now, in this instant, is the essence of the experiences you will bring into your life. So many of us are like cows; we chew things over and over, sometimes we put them aside and then it comes back into our mind and start chewing and chewing it all over again. Although the system of chewing the cud works well for cows, it doesn’t really work the same for us.

The more we keep chewing over the past, by talking about it, telling how hard done by we are, keeping the thoughts alive Now, the more we bring other incidents of similar essence into our lives. So in effect, more people are paying for their past than the bank realise. Although you may have to meet your financial commitment (and therefore I recommend you talk to the bank) become aware of your thoughts, discarding the old ones from the past, and keep your eye on the ball – look where you are going.

And if you are in a financial muddle, or need or would like more money, then read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This is the book that took Bob Proctor to dizzy financial heights and was the tool that Jerry Hicks used to create his financial fortune (before Abraham-Hicks was released). It’s a great book – I’m beginning to consciously work with it now.

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