Law of Attraction – Do you have enoughTime?


“So much to do and so little time to do it” so said the White Rabbit. How many times have you said something similar?


Within the metaphysical arena and those who talk about the Law of Attraction, there is talk of a belief of scarcity. It seems that many, many of us have the belief that things are scarce.  There is a general belief in most societies that money, food and resources are scarce – there just isn’t enough to go round. 


The first time my five year old son put on skates and stepped onto the ice, he ran at a forward angle of about 30 degrees. My father used to say that his centre of gravity was beyond the forward limit so the minute he stopped running, he fell over.   


A friend of mine had so much to do and no time to do it.  She was stretched to the limit – she barely had enough time to do what needed to be done to survive each day, let alone to do any general maintenance such as housekeeping.  She was definitely on skates and her centre of gravity was beyond the forward limit. She couldn’t afford to stop running, because she would fall down. Do you live like this too?


Well, I’m just like the White Rabbit: I have so much to do and not enough time to do it.  I’ve always known that I don’t have enough time. I’m definitely related to the White Rabbit – I’m in a hurry too, you see. There’s too many wonderful things I want to do and I seem to tumble from one to another, often not enjoying doing what I so wanted to do in the first place, because the next exciting things is knocking at the door.


I think we have a belief that time is scarce, when really it’s only our perception that makes time go quickly.  If you think to yourself, “I’ve so much to do, I’ll never get it done”, then the children will drag their heels getting ready for school – have you noticed that young children have no concept of time? And you’ll get caught behind a bus driving to work and you won’t be able to find a parking place! It’s almost as if the universe is conspiring to delay you. The Law of Attraction has delivered more of what we thinking (that we don’t have enough time) and so it becomes our truth. 


However, it is only an illusion that we don’t have what we want.


I’ll tell you a secret – but, shhh, don’t tell anyone.  Like everything else, it’s all in our imagination.  You can stretch and shrink time.  When I remember, I stretch it like a piece of elastic with words like, “I have plenty of time. I’ll get there at the perfect moment”.  “Ease and flow” are words that sooth me, bring patience and remind me that all is well and that I have time for everything.  It helps if I repeat these words frequently, a bit like a mantra.


If you can stretch time, it follows that you must also be able to shrink it too. These days, as I find that time goes so very quickly (a knock on effect of there being so much to do perhaps?) I rarely need to shrink time.  But if I get to the station early and need to wait a while for a train, I’ll shrink that time.  I imagine squeezing it into a small ball, passing it from hand to hand – working it as you would play dough – until it’s about the size of a golf ball, then I get out my book (I never go anywhere without a book to read) and wait for the train, without even noticing the time passing by. And you’d be surprised at how quickly the train arrives.

We can choose to see the world any way we want to; there is no scarcity of time. There is an abundance of everything, if we chose to see the world that way. 

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