Gems and Pearls

I have a saying – Life happens – when despite our best intentions; all our positive thoughts; the monitoring of emotions and all the other things we do to create what we want – something doesn’t manifest quite as we expect it to.  I’m sure all of you can relate to this!

‘Life happened to me a few days ago.  I had done some brilliant programming: used some amazingly powerful creating techniques and almost everything turned out just as I had imagined – but me!  I was so completely disappointed with me! I could have wept. I was discouraged and I considered giving up what I know I came to earth to do! (It was a hollow ‘threat’, you understand and I knew it – but I can do ‘dramatic’ really well!)

So what is to be done in these situations? I did the first things on the Emergency Recovery List – Make Tea and Eat too many chocolate biscuits. (They weren’t even very nice biscuits!) And did that help?  No it didn’t because then I felt nauseous as well!  And I still had got to sort it out.

So I start the ‘Raking Process’. You’ve seen gardeners till the soil and then rake it until it’s smooth. In this raking process, the larger clumps of earth and stones are brought together on the surface.  Whilst raking over the experience, I’m looking for the gems and the pearls of wisdom that are lying there, buried by my pessimism.

The gems, even though they’re tiny, sparkle and twinkle as the catch the light of my awareness.  Even as the pearls lie amongst the disarray and clutter of my negativity, they are still easy to find as they have a deep and rich luster.

The whole experience has shown me what needs to be adjusted so that I can take a step closer to where I want to be.  But I can’t get to where I want to be, until I become the person who will fit naturally into the new and expanded life of my dreams – and the gems and pearls will light the way. So now I can tread more surely onto the next stepping stones of my life.


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Rose Todd

  • K says:

    So is this the story where nothing changes until we do

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Krishna. Yes! We are consistently creating our lives with our thougths and feelings. The life we’re living is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings – and so how can our life possibloy change until we change our mindset and healing our feelings.
      it really is simple – but very tricky to do. Keep up your good work. Rose.

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