Crisis Management

I deliberately kept Friday’s diary clear so that I could organise myself for an event that I was attending over the weekend.  And did Friday stay empty?  Well you know the answer to that and you also know what sort of day it was – or else I wouldn’t be writing about crisis management!

The short story (and there is a long story, believe me) is that all sorts of things came to me that demanded immediate attention and the clear and ordered mind I was relying on to get organised for the event was receding into the far distance.  I started juggling, and ducking and diving, as the saying goes.

Suddenly the law of attraction was sending me more of what was happening. I was on a merry-go-round that was going too fast!  I was dizzy.

I ended up doing several things at the same time, but no matter how good we think we are at multi-tasking, it is not possible to give your full attention to more than one thing at once. Remember Focus is key – we always get more of what we’re focusing on. I was all over the place – totally scattered, flitting from one thing to another, not finishing anything, and the day was getting steadily worse. The feeling was one of rising panic.  Do you recognise this?

Then I had an idea. ‘Hold it’! I thought. ‘You create your own reality.  You are regenerating this stuff – so stop it now’. One must be firm in stressful situations and I made a cup of tea (always essential in times of crisis).  I thought, ‘I think I’ll read a book while I stop for tea. No I won’t. I’ll listen to a talk on my MP3 Player. No I won’t.’ I couldn’t even decide what to do when I was supposed to be doing nothing except having tea!

So I did just that, nothing, while I had tea.  To slow down my mind, initially I watched my breath.  Then I let my mind play with nice things – every time it went back into crisis mode, I brought it back to something pleasant.  By the time I’d finished my tea, all was calm again, I focused on packing for the weekend and the rest was done easily.

I took control of breathing, then my mind and The Law of Attraction did the rest.

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Rose Todd

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    Excellent story Rose
    Loving this
    Thank you sweetie

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      Hi Krishna. Thank you. Much appreciated. Rose.

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