Are you always anxious about your family?

Ruth couldn’t stop worrying about her family.  In fact her anxiety had taken over  her life.  She ‘over-worried’ about them constantly.   Do you find yourself worrying about your family  – all the time?  Does your anxiety take over you life?

She knew she had to do something about it as it was controlling her life and upsetting the family.  She’d heard about Bach Flower Essences but wasn;t sure if there was an essence that could help her or not.
There are 38 Bach Flower Essences, one for every emotion and feeling we have.  They’re extremely powerful and effective at healing and soothing negative emotions, but it can be a bit tricky to find the one that suits you  best.
I have two simple and easy to follow guides to help you choose which essence you need.

Worrying about your family

Ruth’s son Sam, was just six and last year had been diagnosed with diabetes.  It had come as a great shock to the family.  Sam just accepted it in the matter of fact way as children do.  As time went by Simon, Sam’s father, too had come to terms with living the disease.

Ruth was beside herself and was constantly worrying about her family.  She freely admitted that she was really anxious about her husband and her first anxious thought every morning was if her son was OK this morning!

Or maybe Simon accepted Sam’s diabetes not only because there was nothing anyone can do about it, and because Sam seemed to doing well.

And Simon had his own troubles as he was under a lot of pressure at work, and had finally had a nervous breakdown.

Worry on over-drive

If either her husband or son were out her sight, Ruth went straight into ‘worry-overdrive’!   If they went out and happened to be late home, she automatically assumed the worst had happen to them.  Ruth always feared the worst and was filled with dread that something terrible would happen to them.

Ruth was constantly worrying about her family and it consumed her and it had taken over her life!

Red Chestnut 

Always fearing the worse and always anticipating misfortune for them.”  Edward Bach

Peace of mind 

I am so grateful to Rose for helping me get to grips with my life by using the Bach Flower Remedy Red Chestnut.    I been worrying about my family, and had been particularly anxious about my daughter for some time. 

Rose recommended that I take Red Chestnut for over protection of family. 

Within days my life had changed.  I had peace of mind and was happy to let my daughter come and go instead of worrying myself sick”.    Penny N.  UK

Red Chestnut

This state of mind comes when the inner bond between two people is too strong. If you happen to worry a lot about the safety of someone important to you, then this Bach Flower Remedy is for you.

If you have any of these feelings, then Red Chestnut will bring peace of mind as it did for both Ruth and Penny.

The Bach Flower Essences are not just a ‘once off thing’. Lots of people say to me, “Oh I took that when I was taking my exams/driving test/got married” and then don’t consider them when they hit the next stressful situation. This healing system will carry you through your life and the essences will become your closest friends.

Now is always the best time to invest in yourself and in your family’s welbeing.  Click here to find out more about the Bach Flower Essences on line course.

Over to you

I hope you find the blogs helpful.  As always, I love hearing from you, so please leave your thoughts and comments in the comments box below.  Thank you.


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