Would You Like to Feel Happy All the Time?

We’d all like to feel happy all the time. And wouldn’t we love the Law of Attraction to continually send us things to be happy about?

But we don’t feel happy all the time and the Law of Attraction doesn’t send us more things to be happy about, does it? That’s because the Law of Attraction can only send you more of what you are thinking and feeling.

As we go through our day, we’re pretty much a mixed bag of feelings. I don’t know about you, but there are days when I feel as if I’m on a roller coaster. I often say I live on a yo-yo. I can go up and down in as long as half a second.

Why do our emotions change so quickly? We are hugely influenced by what is going on around us. We feel good about some things that come into our life and bad about other things. We react immediately to the experiences and events in our lives.

How many time have you been happily going through your day and someone does something that irritates you. In fact, they annoy you intensely.

Remember the Law of Attraction is always responds to what you focus on, so as soon as you’re irritated, our happy thoughts got out of the window and the Law of Attraction starts sending more experiences that irritate us.

The longer you keep your focus on this situation, the stronger new irritated vibration becomes. We become so involved with our emotions that we let them run our lives.

However, if we could just recognised how we feel and then brush it off and move on, the angry thoughts and feelings don’t have time to take root.

Imagine sitting by a camp fire and the flames are leaping and sparks are flying

…One spark lands on your new jumper. If you brush it off quickly, it won’t even leave the smallest mark. But if you leave it there and complain about it: send your friends a text or an email or write a blog about it, you’re focusing on the experience with intense emotions, and the spark keeps burning a hole!

Now, not only do you have a big hole in your jumper, but you create someone walking past you who spill their red wine over your jumper too!

We become so hooked into the circumstances of life that we forget we can guide our mind to happier thoughts. We forget that by just looking away from what has upset us and looking at something different, will change how we feel – and so change what we are creating.

I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll say it again:  – To create a happier life, you are the one that needs to change.

Nothing changes until you do.

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Rose Todd