Which path?

Hello again. February is almost over and we are heading towards the Spring Equinox. I do hope the weather appreciates this and changes accordingly!

I’ve had a conundrum, which although is not directly about the Law of Attraction, it certainly does involve tea.

Have you ever been very sure of where you are going and have been happily travelling along that path with a destination in sight, albeit far down the line only to find out you’ve actually been looking about 10 degrees off? And that another destination is possibly the ‘right’ destination, after all?

Today, I realised that I had possibly been about 10 degrees off my mark. Now I realise this, it all seems so very obvious and how did I miss it in the first place, I ask myself? (I always ask myself the important questions in life, as I am the only one that gives me reasonable answers!)

So I started to think: were there two paths available to me in the first place? Did the second path only come into being because of the first? These are tough questions and ones that definitely need tea to help with the pondering.

Now I’m sure. The second path only came into being as a result of the first. It was sort of ‘shadowing’ the first. Without the first path, I might never have seen a second one, which now has the possibility of being the more ‘true’ path – at this time.

So in effect, the first path was not the ‘wrong’ path but it was absolutely essential for me to travel it, to be able to see the second path, lying so close beside it.

The moral of this story is, the things we want are often under our nose and we don’t notice.  So when you are  unsure, look around you, the answer might be there.

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Rose Todd