Time for change?

I’ve been agitated and restless.  I couldn’t settle to do anything: constructive or otherwise.  And, the thing that annoyed me was I couldn’t work out why – I couldn’t work out what was going on in my mind. But something had to change!

I spent a lovely Christmas with my family and came home on Boxing Day. Once I’d unpacked and put everything away into already overfull cupboards and drawers, I had nothing to do.  Well, of course I had loads to do, it was one of the reasons I came home on Boxing Day so that I could get back to doing all the things that make my heart sing. But I couldn’t settle.

The furniture wasn’t right!  I’d moved things around to put up the Christmas tree.  I blamed Christmas for the chaos in my lounge.  It wasn’t chaos you understand, but I’d decided there wasn’t enough ‘space’.  So I put Christmas away on Boxing Day and got the furniture back in its proper place!  That felt a lot better.

But to put away the Christmas decorations, I had to empty that cupboard as it really was bursting at theimages1FCP72GE seams and overflowing. Encouraging the cupboard door to close had become an art form. So I created more chaos with spreading the contents of the cupboard all over the place.  And I threw away so much. Why do we keep things ‘just in case’ when we know we’ll never use them?  A very large bin bag when into the skip that day!

But this is not the end of the story. My computer has been running slow for ages. It really does need to go to the ‘doctor’. They recommended that it is ‘returned to the manufacturer’s default settings’.  This sounded ideal to me, until he added the rider ‘you’ll lose all your data’!

Yesterday I started the same process with the computer that I did with my cupboards and drawers. Clearing out what I don’t want and keeping what I do want.

Now you know that I know that my outer world is only a reflection of my inner world.  I do know that!  But, I couldn’t work out what was going on in the inner world of my wonderful mind!

Then I realised that its time for change, I’m changing focus this year (as many of us are, or will be) and the things I’d been keeping from the past, purely because I hadn’t taken the time to evaluate what was needed and what wasn’t.  The things of the past have done their job. They have brought me to this point now: brought me to today, where I stand on a new stepping stone of awareness.

I’m not on a different path, just changing the perspective  of path I was on. I’ll be giving you a broader perspective of life, which I hope will help you work more effectively with the Law of Attraction and so bringing you happier, healthier and more abundant lives.

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Rose Todd