An Evening with Rose – Financial Freedom and The Four Pillars of Life with Galexis

Tuesday 13th October 7.30 – 9.30pm

DSC_1800An evening with Rose – Financial Freedom and The Four Pillars of Life with Galexis

 Financial freedom. Now, isn’t that something to dream about eh?

Money is something we can’t do without.  Most people have money concerns of one sort or another.  It’s essential to survival.  Plainly put, if we don’t have money, we don’t eat and then we die.  And I think if we were honest, most of us probably have a fear of poverty.

We create our own reality and we can easily create parking places and other things, but creating money seems to be difficult.

I find sometimes, if I have a particularly stubborn problem, and I look at it from a different perspective, a solution suddenly shows itself.

So I decided to take a completely different view of the law of attraction.  I’m going to move beyond the usual ways of explaining how this amazing law works and present you with a completely new and unique concept which will give you different ideas about manifestation.

I’m going to introduced you to the Four Pillars of Life as taught by Galexis.

Galexis (like AbGinger Metrauxraham-Hicks) describes themselves as a group of spiritual beings who have come to walk with us at this most monumental time in the history of mankind. I started working with Galexis about 2005.

We’ve all been to a café or restaurant and sat at a table with wobbly legs. It’s annoying isn’t it? How are your manifestations going? Are they a bit like the wobbly table?

There are four pillars in life and when all four are well balanced then, like a table, your creations are strong.  And as you know, manifestation follows creation, so all the wonderful things you want will begin to flow into your life.

Understanding the 4 Pillars of Life will show you

* how to confidently take control of your money

* learn how have a great relationship with money.


Come.  Take a new perspective on an old problem.  Discover how the Four Pillars can show you why your dreams are not manifesting and can show you how you can correct the wobble.

An Evening with Rose -Financial Freedom and The Four Pillars of Life, Galexis

Date: Tuesday 13th October 7.30 – 9.30pm   (Doors open 7.15pm)
Venue: Marsden Room, Quaker Meeting House
109 Handside Lane, Welwyn Garden City AL8 6SP
(Next door to the Barn Theatre).
Refreshments available
Street parking.
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Rose Todd is a Law of Attraction and Conscious Living Author, Coach and Speaker.
She began consciously creating her own life in the 1990s.This has given her a deep spiritual understanding of the Law of Attraction and how to consciously create your own life successfully.
She currently runs a monthly positive living group: facilitates workshops of the Law of attraction and Health, Wealth and Happiness; and has a busy mentoring and coaching practice.
Rose’s core philosophy and teachings are based around the phrase ‘ Nothing Changes until you do!’

Feedback and Testimonials For Rose Todd

“Thank you Rose for introducing me to The Law of Attraction and for guiding me and helping me to realize that I can have life the way that I want it! Your energy and spirit guided me along the path to finding and attracting what I want in life and I thank you for that always.”

T. Cornish – Hertfordshire

“I was tearful, confused and wanted my answers now, my world was negative. Rose has helped me to change those negative thoughts and ask for what I want. It has been challenging and now my world is a better place. I am not sure where I would be without such a great mentor and friend in my life. Thank you Rose.”

Mrs F. – Hertford

“Rose helped me to understand how to use the “Law of Attraction” to bring whatever I wanted into my life. ”

María – UK

“This email comes with many many many thanks!! You do not know just how much better I feel simply because you took the time to explain lots of things to me. My life has turned around and I am on the road to something far more beautiful and wonderful and it is all because of you!
When I actually take the time to stop and look at how far I have come, I do acknowledge that there have been developments and progress in many areas. I am content. I know I am capable of great things – I can achieve and I have want.
I would shout it from every roof top that you are the person who has enabled me to live.
My soul will become more and more alive every day now and my spirit will lighten and be free to move and dance. I will sing for joy and you will hear me!!”

Louise – Dubai

“Whenever I have become “stuck” in my life, not knowing which way to go or turn, Rose has been truly inspirational, giving me clarity and direction. She has helped me in so many ways, and so many times in my life, with my health, my business and my direction in life.
Rose is inspiring, supportive and a true guide. I recommend Rose to everyone, all the time. She is up there with the best of them.”

Anne Cook – Dubai