Transform Your Life Booster Afternoon

Transform your life: Afternoon Booster on the Law of Attraction.

Saturday 4th July  2.30-5pm

Thanks so much for deciding to join me for the Booster Afternoon!  

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Just before you complete the checkout process… can I ask you a question?

Have you ever attended talks and wished that you had some notes afterwards? Or have you ever felt that you are so busy during a talk taking notes that you haven’t been able to fully concentrate properly on all that was being said?

This has happened to me, plenty of times, and attendees of my previous events have said the same to me – “I wish I had recorded that!”.  So, now I have started to record all of my talks.

This allows you to concentrate fully and get more from the day knowing that you will have some great reference material to look back on.

All the info, including videos, audios, transcripts, etc, will be available for you online (or for you to download) for as long as you want access to it…

Some of my best “Ahh-haa moments” have been when I have be revisiting audios of events I have attended – and this might be the same for you too…

As you can imagine creating this sort of package costs quite a bit for me to hire a cameraman and get all the editing done and have it posted on a website for you to access..

But I now have quite a slick system and this keeps the costs right down.  I can offer you access to the recordings for just £15. This is a 25% discount compared to buying these after the event (normally this will cost £20).

I offer this discount now, as it helps me to know how many people will want the recordings… so please take advantage of this if you think this will be useful to you.

It’s just £15 extra to know that you can get the most from the workshop and go back to read / listen / watch any particular items that you may have missed or need to re-absorb.

What happens if you don’t like the workshop, or don’t like the recording? No problem, that’s what my 365 day guarantee is for… However, I am very fortunate to get great feedback for my workshops as you can see below.

Feedback from Previous Workshops:


So, if you would like to take advantage of this offer, please click the YES button below, and £15 will be added to your ticket price.

If this offer is not for you, thanks for reading this, and please click the “no thanks” button below and you’ll only be charged the entry ticket price.

Either way… I’m really looking forward to the Booster session and can’t wait to meet you!

Come and enjoy yourself. I promise to give you my best

Thanks Once Again…