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I AM Worth it! – Full Workshop Day – 9th May 2015

Details :

Date: Saturday 9th May 2015   10 – 4.30pm

Location: Welwyn Civic Centre, Prospect Place, Welwyn, Hertfordshire AL6 9ER (map below)

There is plenty of free parking available.

Refreshments are provided. Please bring your own lunch.  There are plenty of shops and cafes in the village.


How to break away from your ill-serving beliefs, increase your self-worth and create a life you love.

i-am-worth-itIn this workshop, you will discover that unless you consciously guide your thoughts to where you want them to go, the Law of Attraction will automatically respond to the ‘default’ beliefs and image you have about yourself.

Your self-image is deeply emotional and rooted in the subconscious mind. You cannot out perform your self-image. So to create lasting positive change, your self-image needs to change.

You can either choose beliefs that limit you, or beliefs that empower you to move toward success. Your beliefs energize you to create the world you want to live in right now.


You have the power to choose who you are. You have the power to stand up tall and say ‘I AM Worth It’.

In this workshop you will :

•    Discover where your beliefs come from and how they affect your life
•    Learn where your lack of self-worth is really coming from
•    Understand how a healthy self-image attracts positive events into your life and how a poor self-image attracts negativity.
•    Learn gentle, yet effective techniques that help you change your self-beliefs
•    Discover how to develop a healthy self image and create a life beyond your dreams

It doesn’t mean your life will be all sunshine and roses, but it will be an evolving journey of self- discovery that is fun and enlightening.

This workshop will show you the way.