How to get crystal clear on your dream and move towards it in 30 days, even if you don't know where to start or how to do it yet!

Would you like to:

  • Gain improved clarity about what you want and how you'll achieve it?
  • Effortlessly 'switch on' a high level of self confidence?
  • Be able to instantly change negative thoughts to positive thoughts?
  • Know exactly how to recover from set backs, so they don't keep you down?
  • Get the understanding you need to get consistent results?
  • Join a group of like minded people who will understand you and support you?
  • Know exactly where and how to get started - simplifying things down to actionable steps?
  • Join a programme that will encourage and support you - even if you have tried and failed before?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, keep reading, because this package has been put together JUST FOR YOU!

Learn the Secret to Consistent Positive Results from the Law of Attraction in just 20 minutes per Day!

  • Finally get absolute CLARITY on what your dream REALLY is and how to achieve it...
  • Find YOUR DREAM, often hidden deep within you, that is really 100% truly YOU, and not twisted or distorted by other influences. It's only when you are in perfect harmony with your true self will you realise your dream life.
  • Boost your SELF CONFIDENCE with certainty...
  • Without a doubt - this is one of the most powerful things that you can do to help you get where you are going. Makes knowing where to start much easier and makes every step in your progress more fun, more rewarding and more successful.
  • Find out what has been HOLDING YOU BACK... and how to OVERCOME it!
  • Identify the main self limiting belief that has been holding you back and learn to let it go... you'll then be able to stick to the plans that you make and see things through...
  • Get the SUPPORT you need to move forward... and make progress every day!
  • Gain support from those that can help. Get the expert help from Rose and the support from the community. Everybody needs someone to discuss things with occasionally... this is what makes this programme so successful.

Join a Dedicated Group to Help You Make Better Faster Progress!

Get the benefits of group working with live group Q&A sessions and discover more about your self...
Here's what some of my customers have to say about this... 

Hear from June and Anita in the video... press play!

You’ll get help from the group… we’re all here to help you

When you join the Step into Success programme, you won’t just have me as your mentor, you won’t just have the “improved you”… you’ll have everybody else in the programme to help and support you too!

You will be working with others who want to create something too. You will not be alone so if you feel stuck, there will be others who are walking the path with you who can help you get back into the right frame of mind.

This tight and supportive community exists via an invitation only closed Facebook Group. Only people who have either done the 30 Day Diary or who are taking it with you can access this group.

The 30 Day Diary received a 100% 5 Star rating the last time the course was run, which just goes to show how powerful this information and this group really is!

I am right there with you – ready to help…

You can message me and ask me questions, which I will answer either directly to you, or if it’s a really good question, I’ll answer it for everyone on a tele-seminar at the end of each week.

I visit the Facebook Group every day, so we can talk to each other there and I can answer any questions you have in your posts…

What's included in the Step into Success Package?

The STEP INTO SUCCESS package comprises THREE important elements...

Over 4 hours of high quality audio tutorials in the 30 Day Diary Course, which training handouts, cheat sheets, audios and transcripts.  

 Plus the Learn-it Live-it Love-it Law of Attraction Workshop Replays. Again, another 4 hours of quality videos with audio tracks, guide books and transcriptions.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll receive Personal Support. A large part of what makes this package so effective is the amount of support you get to help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

Item 1 - 30 Day Diary Course...

Get amazing clarity, focus and finally make progress thanks to the proven process of the 30 Day Diary. Spend just 20 minutes a day writing your diary... and I you'll be so pleasantly surprised by the results... you'll be saying things like this...

...and you'll find out exactly what is needed to make your diary time ultra successful. The 30 Day Diary Course comes complete with four comprehensive training modules that will provide you with all the training you'll need to support the 30 Day Diary process and make it 100% relevant to you and your circumstances.

30 Day Diary Training Modules...


  • The nuts and bolts of how the Law of Attraction works
  • The right way to script your affirmations. Just visualising your dreams is NOT enough
  • 3 Key points of the workings of the Law of Attraction
  • 4 Simple steps to manifestation
  • Get powerful results using the FEM, CAVA and DPP methods
  • How to get your life back on track by starting out with a step by step, week by week guide
  • How to ensure this process is FUN and NOT A STRUGGLE!


  • The most important things necessary for consistent, successful creation
  • The secret tool for controlling one of the major factors that ensure success
  • How to write a new life story
  • Beliefs; Emotions and Mountains
  • How to move beyond the mountains
  • A Dragon called FEAR
  • What to do when you wobble…
  • The right way to cope with disappointment…


  • The Astonishing Power of our Emotions
  • Tragedy/Appreciation How to use the right type of Gratitude to fuel your motivation
  • Gratitude generates motivation
  • How to overcome procrastination and just get going...
  • Abraham-Hick’s Emotional Scale
  • Choice is instant but change takes time


  • Tools and Raw Materials of Creation
  • Learn How Richard Branson makes the most of his opportunities and how you can too…
  • Learn what Einstein knew, but that many folk in the modern age have forgotten
  • The most powerful tool of Creation and why most people are not getting the most out of it
  • Reminder of 3 Keys : Desire, Imagination, Expectation
  • Goals and Vision Boards – the one step that most people get wrong
  • How you can take what you have learned and move forward at an ever increasing pace

Plus you also get..

All the handouts and cheat-sheets...

The Webinar Slides... and downloadable audio.

Item 2 - Learn it - Live it - Love it Law of Attraction Workshop Replays

Instant unrestricted access to a full day Law of Attraction workshop, the Learn-it Live-it Love-it Law of Attraction Workshop Replays. Again, another 4 hours of quality videos with audio tracks, guide books and transcriptions.

What you will learn:

  • The truth about the workings of the Law of Attraction, in all it’s detail with plenty of practical examples
  • How to effectively use the 4 most important workings of the Law of Attraction
  • Examples of common pitfalls and misconceptions about the Law of Attraction
  • A simple yet incredibly effective 7-step creation process

This workshop goes into more depth than I have ever presented anywhere else before, and is the perfect accompaniment to the 30 Day Diary for those who want to explore more and develop a broader understanding

8 Video Recordings from the workshop - approximately 30 minute sections. Just over four hours of focused life improving content!

A Workbook for each video. If, like me, you prefer to read, then you are in luck! Receive full transcripts of the workshop videos – you can’t miss the key messages plus you print them of and add your own notes to make then meaningful to you!!

8 MP3 Downloadable Audio Tracks so you can listen and re-listen on the go. Lots of folk say its listening to the audios multiple times is what really secures the messages for them!

So you get instant LIFETIME access to all this... 

...access all this from anywhere, on any device and at any time!

Plus you get these great Free Bonuses e-Books

I am including these as part of the Step into Success Programme because I want to make sure that you have everything that you need to success... and although these are only small 'additional' they may just hold the one vital key to unlock something for you... so it's important that you have access to them!

Item 3 - Personal support...

The two courses in this package are designed to give you everything you need to know as quickly as possible.  With better understanding comes greater creative power and better results will follow... 

  • Access to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP that only Step into Success students can access
  • I visit the page almost every day and take an active interest in YOUR progress
  • FOUR GROUP LIVE Q&A COACHING CALLS to get all your questions answered
  • Options for personal 1-2-1 coaching calls

Get Better understanding and Get Better Results

The two courses in this package are designed to give you everything you need to know as quickly as possible.  With better understanding comes greater creative power and better results will follow... 

But will it work for me...?

Although your personal situation is 100% unique... my teachings follow a fundamental truth that applies equally and universally to us all.  Exactly how you apply them to your situation will be specifically tailored for you during the coaching calls and within the secret Facebook group.  This approach has worked for everybody who has consistently applied the core principals taught throughout the course...

If you have any specific questions about your particular circumstances... please contact me on [email protected] or use the live chat option at the bottom of this page... I will do my very best to help. Thank You. Rose.

Keeping it Simple... 

Don't make it difficult for yourself!  The modules show you how to tackle things in the simplest possible way to ensure that you are not wasting time or effort in the wrong direction.  The Step into Success package will help you to simplify... 

Get to Grips with the REAL YOU! You ARE GOOD ENOUGH...

Learn to banish those nagging doubts.  Step into confidence and learn to know that you ARE good enough.  This is so key... and once you have this ability - you'll never lose it.  You are fabulous... and this course will help you to realise this, and to release the inherent creative power that gives you... 

A Personal Story

I love working with people... and I take it very seriously.  It's your life we are talking about.  Literally.  Every group Q&A call or personal call is about YOU... and I want to make sure you are getting everything you need in order to success.  
Does any part of this story, from a past student, sound at all familiar to you?

The owner of this story was happy to share it, but wished to remain anonymous - so, thank  you to "Lady X" for sharing.​

Your Two Choices...

You now have two choices... you can chose to do nothing, in which case you will wake up tomorrow and things will be much the same as there were today.  OR... you can chose to do something and make a change.  

If you chose the second option, then the Step into Success package is specifically designed to help you get the most out of life... so get started right now and select the package that's right for you...

Chose Your Perfect Package Below...


What if you don't like it...?

If for any reason you think this isn't for you, just email me and I'll gladly refund your whole amount and you can keep all the bonuses and any downloadable material - just as my way of saying "thank you for giving it a try!


Got a question? Perhaps the answer is here.  If not contact me via email below. Thanks. Rose.

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