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Soul Connection – Workshops

In our new spirituality, we are hearing a lot about our Soul.

About thirty years ago, I was fed up with feeling fed up and irritable and I generally told the Universe that I wanted to feel better. There came into my life a simple and effective way of feeling better, and then began my unexpected journey to knowing my Soul.

It’s my opinion that knowledge turns to understanding with experience and in the living of life, understanding transforms into wisdom. Again, my understanding is that wisdom lodges in our Soul and so I now live my life being guided by this wisdom.

When I was playing with the idea of our Soul Connection, I asked myself, how did I feel when I began to learn about my Soul? I came up with ‘un-sensational’ words like ‘a feeling of comfort; I felt secure; a warm feeling’.

Shortly after asking myself this question, I went away for a week. When I got home and stepped over the threshold, I had the wonderful, warm sensation of pleasure that I was glad to be home.

The best way I can describe the feeling of knowing and understanding the Soul Connection, is that it feels just like coming Home.

And can you imagine how glad you’d be to be home if you’d been away for several years – or maybe hundreds of lifetimes?

The connection to my Soul gives me a wonderful feeling of comfort: I feel ‘secure’; it’s a warm feeling. It’s the feeling of being loved – unconditionally. I feel as if I’ve come home.

It also gives me some practical things to help with daily life. I developed a stronger feeling of self-worth, increased self-esteem and now have so much more confidence. All together these qualities can be described as ‘self-love’.

I know I’m guided, even when I doubt and am being stubborn my Soul gently and deliberately guides me through doors that I’m ignoring. I now have the confidence to walk the path chosen by myself and my Soul.

I have written a Journey for you so you can come to know your Soul: Soul Connection. It is your journey Home. There are 5, 2 hour workshops; 1 session a month, beginning on 29th January.

In the workshop we’ll cover

• Understanding what your Soul is and the relationship between you and your Soul.
• Recognise your own Soul qualities, your essence within.
• Resisting our Soul. The interplay between Negative and Positive.
• Constantly refining of Self: gaining self-worth; self-esteem and self-confidence.
• Your Soul’s call to adventure – your Destiny in life.

We’ll do exercises to help you discover your Soul qualities, your beliefs and resistances.
I’ll teach you how to work with Light for healing and creation and manifestation.
We’ll do mediations for healing, personal and/or global and for creation and manifestation.

The ‘unexpected’ path that led me to understanding my Soul was the Bach Flower Remedies and so we’ll see if we can identify your Soul Remedy and I’ll help you find remedies that not only help you feel better but will guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

How to Book

This is the first workshop on this subject, so I’m limiting the numbers to 12.

They will be held on the last Tuesday of the month, beginning on 29th January at the Friends Meeting House, 109 Handside Lane, Welwyn Garden City. AL8 6SP

Time 7.30pm to 9.30pm

The cost is £100 for all 5 sessions working out at just £20 per session.

You can pay the whole sum or in two installments which ever suits you better.

Please contact me with any questions


Soul Connection Workshops x5 Full Payment £100

Soul Connection Workshops x5 Half Payment £50