Mind Body Soul Fair-Flitwick

MIND BODY & SOUL FAIR (23rd and 24th April)
Come and have fun at the Mind Body Spirit Fair in Flitwick.

I’ll be exhibiting there both days and will be available to chat to you, giving you personal advice on how you can create an amazing life.

Creating a happier life is so much easier when you understand the incredible power of your thoughts and the astonishing power of your emotions. The law of attraction always, always responds to our emotions – so we need to keep our positive-feelings high.

I shall be talking about the Bach Flower Essences and their importance in helping us to heal negative emotions. helping us to be happier and there create happier lives.

The Law of attraction talk is I’ll be talking about the 7 Secrets of Manifestation: the seven things that are vital to know if you want to create a happy and successful life.

Come along. This is my favourite Mind Body Soul event. There’s always lots to see, lovely people to meet and talk to – and some amazing free talks.

I look forward to meeting you there.

THE RUFUS CENTRE, FLITWICK, BEDS MK45 1AH(south east of Milton Keynes) on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April

23rd and 24th April 2016

Bach Flower Essence Talk is on Saturday 23rd April at 1pm

Law of Attraction Talk is on Sunday 24th April at 2pm.