Law of Attraction Meeting 19 April 2016

You can create anything and everything you want in life – the Key is understanding how it works.

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When you realise the incredible power of your thoughts and subconscious mind, and find out about the astonishing power of our motions, now you hold the key to creating all you want in life.
Imagine a time three years from now. You’re living your dream.

Wake up each morning with a greater sense of purpose

  • Feel energized and at home in your healthy body
  • Look forward to the week ahead because its filled with fun and meaningful work
  • Love what you’re doing
  • Surround yourself with people who feel passionate about the same things that are important to you, and you feel a deep sense of belonging
  • Enjoy life with your loving and supportive soul mate by your side
  • Sleep contentedly and peacefully, knowing you’ve lived your day purposefully and intentionally.
  • Have contributed your gifts to the world

Three years from now you’ll see were you were able to overcome your negative beliefs and are now living a life you love. In took consistent effort to create this create this grand, fulfilling life, but you did it!

19 April 2016.  Law of Attraction Meeting
The Friends Meeting House
109 Handside Lane, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6SP


£10 – refreshments included.

There is some parking next door at the Barn Theatre, otherwise there is usually plenty of street-parking close by.
Join me for the first Law of attraction talk in Welwyn Garden City in over 2 years.

Please contact me to book.  Booking is essential to secure your seat. Please don’t turn up unannounced at the door.

Thank you


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