It’s Only About You!

When you understand the principles of the Law of Attraction and  have consciously experienced how it works, you realise that you do create your own reality.  You create absolutely everything in your life, there are no exceptions, there are no asterisks, no small print; you create everything.

It therefore follows, if you create your own life that no one else can create anything in your life.  Because of the nature of the Law of Attraction, it is just not possible for another to create anything in your life.

And again by inference, if you create your reality, everyone else also creates their own life, and therefore you cannot create anything in the life of another.

So if you and you alone create your world, then you and you alone can change it.  Your beliefs create your experience in life.  Your beliefs create your expectations of life.  You may not get what you want, but you will always, always get what you expect.

And so it is that our reality turns on our beliefs and on the choices we make; because of the nature of the Law of Attraction, that most powerful natural law, it cannot be any other way.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Our time on this wonderful and beautiful planet of ours is not a journey of discovery.  It is not about learning lessons and having to pay back karma and get it right ‘this time’.  Once you awaken to the workings of life, (and you already have done, or you wouldn’t have come to this site and read this far) once you have awakened, then life becomes a delightful, exciting and joyful process of creation, as you excitedly and joyfully create  more and more.

If you want to Master the workings of the Law of Attraction, you first must ‘master’ yourself and when you do, you will live in a state of self-realisation and enlightenment.  And that is the purpose of your life.