Feeling Good

Thoughts and Feelings

Conversations with God tells us that ‘Desire is the beginning of Creation.  It is the first thought.  The grand feeling within the Soul.’  This tells us that thoughts and feelings go together.  Thoughts and feelings are like lovers.   You can’t have one without the other.  You can have a feeling and not recognise the thought, but you are unlikely have a thought and not recognise what you are feeling.  We’ve all been in situations where we became caught up in our emotions and logic and reason are put on the back burner.

Our thoughts create the electromagnetic frequency of vibration, but the emotions attached to these thoughts give the vibrations their power; they give it velocity.  The more intense your emotions, the quicker things will manifest in your life.

Our emotions play an absolutely vital part in our lives.  Our emotions are our guidance system, they are our connection with our soul.  (Desire.. the grand feeling within the Soul).  Our Soul talks to us through our emotions.  When we feel happy we are on tuned into our Soul.  When we are feeling anxious, irritable or distressed we have tuned ourselves away from the frequency of our Soul.  Our Soul is still there and connected to us, but we are not on the same wavelength and so we can’t ‘receive’ our Soul .  So by this means, by become completely aware of our emotions, what we are feeling Now, in this moment of creation,
we know when we are on track in our life or whether we’re taking a deviation.

Our lives are all about emotions: they are all about feelings.  The only reason we ever do anything is because we believe that doing it will make us feel better, make us feel good.

Reality Turns

Our reality turns on our beliefs about ourselves and therefore about the world and on the choices we make.   Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs about ourselves which have become programmed into our subconscious and are the default settings.

We have been taught by our parents and peers and by society that experience comes first and that when we repeatedly experience something, we then come to ‘believe’ it and accept it as our truth.  But this is not so.  It is your belief about yourself that creates your experiences.  Remember that creation takes place in the vibrational world; hence it is the beliefs, our thoughts that create our experiences.

Quantum physics has proved that we ‘cannot have a world without mind entering into it’.  They have proved that creation/our lives come not from experience but from what we expect to see.  Your beliefs about life, creates your expectations of life.  Your life therefore, is a result of what you expect to experience.  Belief creates Expectation.

Your beliefs create what you expect to experience.  Choice manifests your beliefs and expectations of life and therefore what you experience.

Choice is your point of power.  The power to choose lies within you only.  It is inherent in you.  Although there is a single point of power, a single choice, it is almost as if the process happens spontaneously as your desire to grow and experience ‘more’ is sparked.   Our desire for more than what we are now living is our motivation for change.

You cannot make any changes in your life until you become aware that life is no longer good enough for you the way it is and you want something more.  When you recognise what you don’t want, you can then make a choice.  The choice is to stay with what you don’t want or decide to move towards a better life.  This often entails moving out of our comfort zone which is scary, but the desire for something better is overwhelming and so we make the choice and decide to change.   Life begins outside the comfort zone.

It’s within our beliefs that we encounter so many of the blocks and limitations that we have placed on ourselves.  Our beliefs limit and restrict what we think about ourselves, whether we are confident, have feelings of worth and any self-esteem etc; we can make a choice to have more happiness in our lives, but until we change our beliefs, the Law of Attraction will just keep delivering what we believe and what we expect.

Choice is your point of power.  You can only change your life when you consciously choose to make a new decision: when you consciously change the default programming of your subconscious.