Creation Now!

Do you know that you can only think ‘Now’, in this present moment? You can’t think in the past. You can think about something that happened in the past, but you are actually using your imagination to recall it and you are thinking about it again Now. You can’t think about something in the future. You can think, imagine things in the future, but you can only think about things Now.

Now is the point of attraction. You are creating more of what you are focusing on Now. Whether you are recalling, imagine something from the past, or thinking about, imagining something in the future, you are still thinking about it Now. You are creating more of what you are feeling Now.

Now is not a fixed moment in time. It is a rolling-moment. Our predominant thoughts and feelings create our lives. We create what we are thinking and feeling Now. If you don’t like how you feel Now, you are not going to like what the Universe delivers.