About Conscious Creation

Conscious Creation is a way of life: a very practical way to living a happy and satisfying life – all the time.

You create your own reality – whether you know it or not.  However, there is a sticking point there for a lot of us, because why would we create things that hurt us?  The answer to that is we don’t ‘deliberately’ do so.

You know you create your life with your thoughts and feelings and unless you make a conscious choice about how you want to feel and guide your thoughts to create those feelings, you create your life from the default programmes you laid down in your subconscious mind when you were a child and a young teenager.

Our repeated thoughts become our beliefs about ourselves and about life. Most of our beliefs come from the choices we made when we were young children. So in simple terms, unless you make a conscious decision about where you want to go in life, your life will be created by the choices you made when you were three or four, or perhaps in an angry teenage rage.   Doesn’t sound so good does it?

You can guide your mind. If you don’t like what you’re thinking, look away and focus on something that does please you; guide your thoughts to something that will make you smile.  There are so many things in life that can make you smile – things from watching children play, or sleep: looking at a flower or petting your cat.

Your power lies in your ability to make a choice.  Consciously choose what you want in your life: consciously choose what you feeling you want to experience – guide your thoughts.  You are the creator.  You are the ‘cause’ of your life – and the law of attract is the delivery van that brings the manifestation..

Conscious Creation is a powerful way of creating happiness and success.