Money Quiz. Money Story

This short Money Quiz, and the subsequent Money-Story is to help you establish the foundation of your money-story you’re your relationship with money.

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It’s not a prerequisite before watching the webinar but it will certainly help you understand why your money situation is as it is before you take the webinar to help you find out how to create money.


As I mentioned at the end of the blog, Journalling is a really good tool – particularly when you’re creating what you want in your life.  A dedicated Money Journal is an excellent idea.  If you don’t have one to use now, perhaps you could get one soon.

The last thing…

One last thing.  This can’t be done on the computer – you’ll need pen and paper (hopefully a journal).
There’s incredible power in writing – so start that power flowing straight away, by using a pen and paper.


Short Quiz

Before you begin to create more money in your life, it’s good to establish where you are now, in your relationship with money.  Answer these 20 questions to find out what’s holding you back from the wealth and abundance you desire and what your present relationship with money really is.

  1. Do you know much money is in your bank account – within £100?
  2. When was the last time you checked your bank account?
  3. Do you know how much you made last month?
  4. Do you know how much you spent last month?
  5. Do you know how much you spend on an average month – within £100.
  6. Do you have a savings account?
  7. If so, do you add to it regularly?
  8. Do you discuss your money with your partner?
  9. Do you know your top 3 expenses are – other than rent/mortgage/car
  10. Do you keep track of your expenses and expenditure?
  11. Do you enjoy looking after your money? Paying your accounts etc?
  12. Do you enjoy what you do for a living?
  13. Do you like making money?
  14. Are you optimistic about your financial future?
  15. Do you set new financial goals every year?
  16. Do you worry about your finances?
  17. Do you believe that people who are wealthy are ‘less spiritual’?
  18. Do you feel that you don’t have enough money?
  19. Do you have a belief (conscious or otherwise) that money is ‘bad or evil’?
  20. Do you feel anxious when you spend what you consider a large sum of money?

These questions should be easy to answer.
From your responses, you’ll get a fair idea of your relationship with money.  Remember your money situation is an exact reflection of your feelings of self-worth.  So join the webinar to find out how to make changes.




If you have a dedicated Money journal, writing your money story at the beginning of your journal is a very fitting start to this part of your journey. 

You’re now established your money situation, and you’ve now probably got a good idea about how you feel about money.

Not only do we need money in our society – we have some pretty intense feelings about it.
It’s now time to identify and explore your emotions that surround you and your money – yes, it’s your money relationship.  Everyone has a unique and individual relationship.

The first step to becoming financially stable is to tell the truth, even if you haven’t done so before.  If you don’t, you’re only fooling yourself and your money situation will not change.

This is important, because the truth is going to seep out as you go through the process of creating the money you want that’ll give you financial freedom.

If you want to have financial freedom, you have to take care of your money.  And being good with money is more than believing in a ‘prosperity mind-set’!

And now, it’s your turn and it’s your time.  If you want to change your financial life, look within and change the blocks, the mountains and dragons you come across as you write your Money-Story.
Again, I would encourage you to use a pen to write and not a keyboard.  Using a pen takes much more focus.

Enjoy and I hope to see you on the Free Webinar.

Warm wishes.  Rose

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Rose Todd