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The Power of Emotions – Part 2. Dark Clouds and Silver Linings

You may not believe it, but every dark cloud has a silver – and thar silver lining is the Bach Flower Remedies.  The Bach Remedies are a simple, natural and an easy way for you to healing your negative emotions. The Bach Flower Remedies is an easy way to help you roll back the dark […]

Emotions Are The Power – Part 1

Emotions are the power. Part 1 It might seem strange to you when I say that emotions are your power, particularly when all your life your emotions have been dismissed and probably no one cared much about how you felt. Over the centauries our emotions have been disregarded and diminished.  “Oh, take no notice of […]

Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation

Law of Attraction Coach

This week, I’d like to talk about conscious creation as well as the law of attraction. A lot has been spoken about the law of attraction and so little about conscious creation and yet conscious creation is the most important thing in our lives. So first, let me recap about the law of attraction: It […]

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