Bach Flowers. Care for the Carers

Care for the Carers.

Fortunately, a lot of those who need care, receive it.  There’s a vast army of people who do the caring, and sometimes they just work on, quietly in the back ground.  But they need help too.

There’s lots of stories about those in need of care but not so many about Carers.  This is Wendy’s story.  I knew Wendy and helped her choose the remedies that would help her the most.

However, your experiences will probably be different, so perhaps you need other remedies.  These 2 FREE Bach Flower Guides can help you choose the remedies that suit you best.

Wendy is a prime example of needing Care for the Carers. She had Caring thrust upon her, unexpectedly.  Here is Wendy’s story of needing Care for the Carers.

She’d been married to Donald for over 25 years and she hadn’t been happy for a long time.  In fact, for Wendy, life was pretty miserable.   When she looked back, it seemed as if slowly, Donald’s character had been changing and he had become – the only polite thing she could thing to call him was – “a grumpy old sod”!

She’d seen the children grown up and now settled in their own lives, but she and Donald were not getting on.  And she decided, that as she was a young 50, she was going to get a divorce and start to enjoy life.

Devastating News

And then came a cruel blow!  Both she and Donald were devastated by the news.  Donald was diagnosed with cancer!  The bottom felt out of their world.

How could she leave him now?  Well, the answer was simple – she couldn’t.

So, overnight Wendy had being a full-time carer thrust upon her.

Change of attitude

She still did all the normal things to run the house, but now she had to change her attitude.  She had to start ‘caring for Donald’.  Donald now came first!

This change of attitude was hard for Wendy.  She was shocked by the news.  Although she could hardly admit it to herself, she was angry with him!  Just as she was going to have some freedom and start living her life again – he got sick!  Of course, she knew he didn’t to it deliberately – but she felt she’d been dealt a rotten hand.  (Willow is the remedy for feeling as if you’ve been treated unfairly).

Increasing demands

Over the next 3 years, Donald’s care demanded much more of Wendy and she turned to the Bach Flower Remedies to help her get through each day.

Donald was intolerant and extremely critical of everything she did.  According to Donald, she did everything wrong.  She found his relentless criticism very difficult to deal with and she too became irritable, angry and intolerant, and would quickly slip into resentment (Willow).

Impatiens, Holly and Beech helped them both with their irritability, anger and intolerance. As their irritability and anger seemed to fuel each other, and these remedies helped them both.

Genuine regret

Slowly Wendy’s bitterness gave way to genuine regret that she hadn’t made more of an effort to make the marriage work.   (Bach Flower Pine helped Wendy heal her feelings of guilt).

As Donald’s illness progressed, there was little time to feel anything but exhaustion.  Some days she didn’t know how she found the strength to go on – but she did.  Olive and Oak helped with these feelings.

Gelief and Relief

Can two seemingly opposing emotions reside in us at the same time?
Yes they can.  We sometimes have so many feelings, seemingly all at once, that its hard to identify them.

Wendy felt a wave of relief flow through her when Donald slipped away.  It’s a debilitating and cruel disease and it had been a hard fight for him and an extremely exhausting time for Wendy.

She was numb for a while, and used Rescue Remedy to “stick herself back together” and to help with her grief: grief at the loss of her husband and grief for the loss of a marriage that had end up on the rocks soon after the children left home.

The years of caring had taken their toll on Wendy.  However, through the use of the Remedies she had changed and come to know herself a lot better.  But for now, she needed rest and reflection to allow the next stage of her life to unfold.

Recap of the remedies 

(This is a photo of me discovering the Willow Flower for the first time.)

Rescue Remedy – with Star of Bethlehem for sadness.  Impatiens for irritability with slowness
Willow – for being angry when treated unfairly: leads to complaining, bitterness and resentment
Beech – critical and intolerant of the characteristics of others.
Oak – for carrying on, even when exhausted
Olive – for physical and mental fatigue.

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Rose Todd

  • Marion-Patricia says:

    This message has come to me at “just the right time”! Over the past 8 years my life has been “on hold” with caring and more recently I have recognised emotions coming up in me which I know need support. Much though I respect and love my elderly parents I am finding that I am experiencing so many of the emotional charges you tell us about in Wendy’s story. So I reached out to my ever open wooden box for Willow in particular because there is a deeper thread of “sensing unfair treatment” going back further.
    Thank you so much for these insights and for bringing the flowers to life for me again.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Dear Marion. Thank you so much for writing. I’m glad the blog has nudged you to return to your ‘ever-open’ box of beloved remedies. When we recognise a feeling (and such a marked one as being treated unfairly) we can often see how far back it goes into our childhood. And we can then see how it colours and taints all of our life.
      I can see that Willow is needed by so many today.
      I know it’ll help you feel better (along with some other remedies) and it’ll be much easier for you to care for your parents – and you’ll all start to enjoy each other again. Much love. Rose.

  • Jaromir Duzik says:

    Thank you for your work
    Jaromir from Vancouver ,
    I am from czech rep, living now in canada.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Jaromir. Good to hear from you. I hope you’re settling in Canada. Vancouver is a beautiful place. Take care. Rose.

  • Matilde says:

    Thanks Rose for sharing such a moving story and helping us clearly understand how the remedies helped this person.
    As always, such a joy learning from you!

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Matilde. Thank you for your kind words. I*’m glad you found the blog helpful. Caring takes a lot of commitment and love. I hope all is well with you. Love Rose

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