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The Champagne Effect

It’s so exciting and exhilarating when your desires are fresh and new.  The flash of inspiration that comes with the desire; the excitement and enthusiasm for the new idea just bubbles out of you, a bit like a glass overflowing with champagne. But if you haven’t practised your thoughts about your desire long enough, and […]

Are You Ready For True Love?

Do you remember the first time time you fell in love? Do you remember how dizzy you felt? Falling in love is delightful and delicious. Exciting and exhilarating. Ah romantic love! There’s nothing like it. It is intoxicating. Of course you remember. It’s not something you’ll ever forget. You were walking on air and deliriously […]

Law Of Attraction.. How to beat procrastination

Do you struggle with procrastination, or do you … Wake every morning filled with enthusiasm for the day ahead?    Are you filled with vibrant health and well-being? Do you have a sense of purpose? Do you enjoy your life? Do you have the freedom and confidence to know you can accomplish anything and everything […]