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Relationships. Will You Be Alone On Valentine’s Day

As Valentines’ Day approaches and the whole country seems to focus on romance, we become aware of the huge display of cards, the buckets of deep red roses at the florists and supermarket. And if you’re single, or your relationship has lost its sparkle, you too become acute aware that all is not well in […]

You wouldn’t have started down this road if you couldn’t get to the finish.

This Law of Attraction stuff really works! When I came to live in England in 2008 I lodged with my brother and his wife while I settled down.  We were very comfortable together, but the time came for us all,  when I needed a home of my own. The golden key I knew that the […]

Are You Ready For True Love?

Do you remember the first time time you fell in love? Do you remember how dizzy you felt? Falling in love is delightful and delicious. Exciting and exhilarating. Ah romantic love! There’s nothing like it. It is intoxicating. Of course you remember. It’s not something you’ll ever forget. You were walking on air and deliriously […]