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The Quickening

Hallelujah! I’ve jumped the first hurdle or taken the first step… I have today, sent the first draft of my book to my publisher. (That sounds so grand, doesn’t it). It’s the first step in the publishing process, but certainly not the first step in the whole book-writing process. I always read the Acknowledgements in […]

Crisis Management

I deliberately kept Friday’s diary clear so that I could organise myself for an event that I was attending over the weekend.  And did Friday stay empty?  Well you know the answer to that and you also know what sort of day it was – or else I wouldn’t be writing about crisis management! The […]

Which path?

Hello again. February is almost over and we are heading towards the Spring Equinox. I do hope the weather appreciates this and changes accordingly! I’ve had a conundrum, which although is not directly about the Law of Attraction, it certainly does involve tea. Have you ever been very sure of where you are going and […]

Small Talk

Christmas is over.  How about a cup of tea, a mince pie and a discussion on the Law of Attraction philosophy? I hope you had a good Christmas and all your plans went as you planned. I’m stumped. I’ve thought and thought about something to write for the momentous occasion of the New Year, the […]

A Magic Window

The snow is falling. In fact it has been for over a week now. I think that hot chocolate might be a more appropriate drink to have while we chat about the Law of Attraction. I love Christmas. On a recent television programme, someone mentioned a ‘magic window’ and I thought ‘that’s what Christmas is for […]