Can You Recognise Your Story?

The 3 Myths of Man

Do you know your story: the story you tell all the time?
If you don’t, I sure your friends do.
The stories you tell over and over will have different names in different places, but it’ll be the same story – because that story is re-creating your life.

Last week I uncovered the 3 myths about the Law of Attraction – this week I want to reveal the 3 Myths of Man.

3 Basic Myths

There are three basic themes to our stories. Recognising yours will make it much easier for you to tame your mind, banishing your negative thoughts and become a full-on, permanent ‘positive thinker’.
Can you just imagine how wonderful your life will be then?  After all, aren’t you suppose to the hero or heroine of your own journey?

I wonder if you can recognise your story from these descriptions…

The First Myth is that you believe ‘life happens’ to you: and you’ve been treated unfairly and you can’t do anythingUnfair about it.
You’re ‘under-acknowledged’ and over-looked at home and at work Yes, you’re angry about it, but there is nothing you can do about because you need the job and the relationship.

This is the story of ‘victimhood’.  It’s the story about ‘look what has happened to me and I can’t do anything about it’.

If the theme that runs through your story is ‘I’m treated unfairly, and I can’t do anything about it’ then this belief is going to colour and taint how you see the world and everything you create.

The Second Myth we tell ourselves is to ‘put others first’ – and therefore by default, putting ourselves last.   We were taught that giving up our own life in the service of others is noble.  2nd_Myth

It is nothing of the sort!  Doing something from love is one thing – doing it from duty and obligation is an entirely different kettle of fish.

This is the myth of martyrhood.
I know this is a sweeping statement, but a lot of marriages pre-1970 are based on martyrhood.  Women were taught to be martyrs – once married, it was their job to look after the husband, children and household.  Marriage became a duty and obligation.  Start noticing how marriage is depicted in films set in the 1950s.    And it was considered ‘noble’!

Victimhood is obvious – someone does something to you!  Martyrhood is different. It can be tricky to recognise.  But if you find yourself doing something only because it’s your ‘duty’ to put others before yourself, then your story is one of martyhood.

The Third Myth is that life is a test and you’ve got to get right.

How many times have you heard people say things like this.. ‘oh, this and that happened again, I still haven’t learnt Pass_the_testmy lesson.’

Life is not a test that you have to get ‘right’.

Stop and think for a moment. If this is your myth – whose is going to judge whether you’ve got it right or not?   Certainly not the Law of Attraction!

The underlying message here is that, if you have to past ‘tests’, then there must be something wrong with you and you’ve got to take a test to get right. All this, so you can be loved.

This is the beginning of feelings of lack of self-worth and self-confidence.   If this is your story you’re constantly going to create failing more ‘lessons’.

You are not here to prove yourself good and worthy.
You already are. 
You’ve just got to uncover it.

You’re here to create a life of joy and love. You are here to consciously create what you want in life: expressing your gifts and talents through your personality, as only you can.   This is your unique gift to the world.

There is another myth: this is a story that’s less frequently told.

This Myth is True.
This myth is that Life is a gift.    Present-1
But this is not a myth at all – it’s the truth.  This is now the universe works.

There’s a ‘movement’ that’s sweeping the world in an ever increasing wave that’s telling the story that you are the creator of your life, and you have the power within you that creates worlds and you can create whatever you want.

No one does anything to you.  You certainly don’t have to give up yourself to care for another.  There are no lessons, no tests and you cannot get it wrong!

Life is forever unfolding and, if you don’t like what you’ve created, you can make a new choice immediately and start creating something you do want instead.

This week’s Sunday Bach blog will be about the Bach Flower remedies that could help you heal and release the first three myths. So keep a look out for it. I know you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve developed a strategy that gives you a map and tools to be able to change your myth so you can have the wonderful life you dream about.  It’s called The 30 Day Diary – Laying the Path to Success.
Have a look I know you’ll love it.


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Rose Todd

  • Julia says:

    Hi Rose.
    If you say, really want a certain car. And to have it you need a better income and a garage. Do you focus on manifesting the car or the income?

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Julia. Thank you. This too is a great question.
      You focus on neither – or both.
      The only reason we want something is because we believe that we’ll feel ‘better’ when we have it.
      We are constantly creating more of what we’re feeling – so that’s where we look. Feelings are much more important than thoughts.
      Regarding the new car – why do you want it? How will you feel when you have it?
      For the sake of the story, lets say, having a new car is reliable, so will make you feel secure. It also means that you can travel easily and safely. So it gives you Freedom.
      How will you feel if you have a better income? It will give you a sense of independence, again a sense of security. And strange you mention you’ll need a garage – I take it that’s to keep the car ‘safe’.
      So I would say, if you want a new car, you must find ways, (through affirmations and visualisation – and with attitude of mind) to feel safe and secure, and find a sense of freedom in all you do all day.
      You can focus and visuablise the car, the new job or the garage – it doesn’t matter which. What matters is the emotions you can conjure up. It seems that you want security and freedom.
      I hope I’ve explained it well enough.
      Thank you for your comment. I love hearing from you.

  • T says:

    Hi Rose, great to read your blog. Just one query – do we not have lessons to learn? I’ve heard a lot of people say along the lines that the “beatings will continue until you get the lesson”. Is a lesson different to a test? Thanks.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Tulasi. Thank you for your comment. Great question.
      I believe that the ‘greatest’ part of us, what I would call our soul, knows all there is to know. The soul, wants to experience the feelings through us. So, there are experiences to be had, and gained by. But there are no lessons or tests.
      In the early 1960s when spirituality was just coming to the fore, learning lessons was often referred to.
      Gaining understanding from our experiences will lead us forward and bring us wisdom.
      But there is ‘no one’who is judging us saying that ‘you need to learn this or that lesson’ before you can continue on your journey of life.
      Thank you for asking – this is a great topic. I think it would make a good blog.
      I hope this makes sense to you.

  • Krishna says:

    Mammamia Rose
    Tu es trop fort
    You are magic

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hi Krishna. Thank you. Eose 🙂

  • >