The Final Curtain

This is the final blog of 2015. It’s the final curtain; the blog that will close this year. heralding_trumpets

Or, as I prefer to see it, it’s the blog that’s heralding the new year that’s waiting in the wings.

Are you ready to step into riches, happiness and success? If so, I hope you’re committed to making this YOUR best year ever.  I know I am.

I do hope you feel, as I do, that 2016 has the possibility to be a truly amazing year. (Click here for Free Training Webinar Step into Success in 2016)

As the final curtain on 2015 draws closer, many will be reviewing the past year.  For some, it’s been a hard year which brought the loss of loved ones, perhaps illness and other traumas.  It’s been a tough and challenging time for us all in one way or another.

We had some false starts where we rallied hope and began to think ‘this is the year that something will happen’: hoping that this year would bring prosperity, abundance (of money and love) and with it, joy and peace.  But maybe somehow for you, it didn’t produce the success it seemed to promise.

However, raking over old coals does no good at all as we know.  The law of attraction always brings us more of what we focus on, and I’d rather look forward than continuously review the past.

This year has been fantastic And I know next year is going to be even better.  I know the success I dream of is out there and is coming, and is now within my reach.  If it is so for me, then it must be so for you too.

We all get so disappointed and discouraged when things don’t turn out the way they should.  It’s difficult to stop our thoughts turning to ‘Where is it?  Where’s my dream?’ when it seems as if we’ve been positively thinking for years, let alone months.  Being told ‘sometimes it takes a long time’ for our dreams to manifest, isn’t helpful, even if we do understand the process.

I’ve got new clarity on my dream and given it a polish!  In fact, it’s grown considerably, and I’m not sure how it’s going to manifest.  But I’m not letting my negative beliefs stop it.  I’m going through the process of generating the belief that I can manifest my dream – sooner rather than later.   I have started a new 30 Day Diary.

I’ve decided to run my 30 Day Diary 4 week course in January, to help you get started with 2015.  The main reason we don’t manifest what we want is lack of consistency.  Taking a small step forward every day is the way to change your life and to manifest all the wonderful things you want.

I’d like to bring down the curtain for the final time on this year with a cheerful vote of thanks to 2015 for bringing us to this point, now.  I’ve learnt a lot and it’s shown me what I have to change… and I hope you can say the same too and you’re ready to move forward into 2016.

And I welcome the possibilities and opportunities that 2016 is holding for us all.

I wish you a year filled with riches, happiness, joy and peace.

I’m hosting a free Webinar  to help you start the yearStep into the Success on Monday 4th January 2016 8-9pm (GMT).


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Rose Todd

  • Mair says:

    Blessing and thanks to you dear Rose hugs Mair x

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      Thank you Mair. Rose

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