Are You Ready For True Love?

Do you remember the first time time you fell in love?
Do you remember how dizzy you felt? Falling in love is delightful and delicious. Exciting and exhilarating. Ah romantic love! There’s nothing like it. It is intoxicating.

Of course you remember. It’s not something you’ll ever forget. You were walking on air and deliriously happy. Isn’t that just the most amazing feeling ever?

A loving, romantic relationship is the most important relationship in our lives. Everyone wants to be loved and also wants to be loving but not everyone has a loving relationship. So, as you can imagine, many people come to me wanting the law of attraction to bring them their soul-mate.

How do you create that special, magically relationship?
The same way we create everything in our lives, from our beliefs with our thoughts and feelings. And of course, as you can well imagine, I have a story to tell.

Val’s love story
One of the women in my monthly group wanted a new relationship – we’ll call her Val as this is Valentine’s Day.
heartVal was a very lively lady. She was vivacious and quick witted with laughing eyes.
Val decided she wanted a man in her life – but not just any man. She had very specific ideas of who she wanted – and one of the really important things she wanted was that her new man must be as interested in music as she was! She laughingly said she’d set your mind on Michael Buble!

Val decided to write a list of everything she wanted in her new relationship. She was not coming from a place of ‘loneliness or lack’. She was coming from the place of fun and laughter as she wrote out her long list – and I mean it was a very long list – she jokingly said she had 99 things on her list and I could well believe that.
Although Val had been a regular at the meetings, she missed a few. So about four months passed before Val came again. She was glowing! She was in love!

Enter Cupid – unnoticed. 
Cupid didn’t have to work too hard to bring Val together with her new man – because they already knew each other: they were very good friends. Then one evening, while they sat drinking tea at the kitchen table, Cupid drew back his bow – and the rest, as they say, is history!

Not only was Val ready for true love to come into her life, she expected it!
If you’re ready for true love, keep a watch out for small chubby children with wings and a bow and arrow!

Make the relationship of your dreams a reality.


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