New Law of Attraction Blog – 5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

It’s the Solstice!  And there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius, which is a sign of optimism.   Are you optimistic about the coming month?

“Yeah!  Right! Optimism?  Will please explain that to the Voice in my head?”  I can hear you saying that even as I write.

Critic_to_coachWhy is the negative Voice in our head so much louder and stronger that the voices that seems to whisper ‘you can do it’?  This is more of a rhetorical question than one I intend to answer – but I do intent to give you 5 ways of turning down the volume of negative critic who lives in your head, thus giving you a chance to hear what your brilliant inner coach has to say.

  1. Don’t belittle yourself – not even when you’re joking.  Your subconscious mind doesn’t have a sense of humour, it believes everything you tell it.   Make a point of never, ever pointing out what you think are your physical flaws or mental stumbling blocks.  People don’t notice the things we don’t like about ourselves, so why draw their attention to them?
  1. Remember – it’s OK to get it ‘wrong’. This is a real biggie and something I’ve struggled with most of my life. Pushing your mind beyond your goal, you can see that what you’ve done that didn’t work out as well as you expected, but it’s only a step on the path to get you where you want to go. Say to yourself ‘It’s OK to ‘get it wrong’ because now you can learn from it’.
  2. Evict your obnoxious room-mate. Do you know that even the people you really don’t like, don’t talk about you the way you talk about you! The Voice in your head might be your mother or father, or someone similar so why not give it a new name – Obnoxious Room-mate – or O.R. for short.  Or you could, after each negative thought add emphatically OR – and turn the negative thought into a positive one.

4. Paint a picture of yourselfThis involves your imagination and as you know your imagination is your most powerful tool of creation.    You have to create your amazing job, your loving relationship and the money pouring into your bank account first in your imagination first. Add intense feelings and make it so ‘real’ that you can believe it!   You have imagine yourself healthy, filled with the energy of passion, fun and enthusiasm for you, your life and your job – before it can come to you.
We create everything in our life from our imagination first – then it manifests.

  1. How to train your brain. Here are two easy and practical tips to help train your brain: to over shadow the Voice in your head:

a) Accept compliments on a job well done, even if your immediate thought was ‘I didn’t do it right, they really don’t mean it’. Take the compliment: accept it graciously, saying Thank you and move on.

b) Take responsibility for your success. We’re the first to put our hand to our failures – so take responsibility for your successes too. Write down all the steps you took to get you there – from your decision and commitment to all the things you did that got you there’.   This is your success. Be pleased and proud of your achievement.

These are some ways of turning your thoughts around so that you can be optimistic about your future.  Your future is as bright and sparkling as you believe it is – so use the above and start to believe you can do it!  (You can, you know.  I know you can – you’ve just got to find out you can).

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