Law of Attraction. This Is Who You Are

This is who you are! You’re the person who will jump into a lake at sunset – just for the fun of it!  But somehow you don’t recognise that part of you – yet!

How long is it since you asked yourself ‘Who am I?  It’s something I asked myself constantly over the years.  As creating a happy and successful life is down to you, it’s essential you know who you are.  I know you’ve asked the question, s0 now it’s time for you to know Who You Are.

At the beginning of my spiritual exploration in the beginning of the 1980s, there as a common saying “You’re a spiritual being having a physical experience”.  And if you were having troubles in life you were told …“You just have to be more of who you are”. 

Now, I’m very practical and to a woman trying to work out who she is, these sayings are about as helpful as a banana boat in a storm!

As the years went by, I came to realise that Yes, I am a spiritual living a physical life.

Something bigger out there

I have always known there was something ‘bigger out there’ than me.  I called this ‘something bigger’ God.  I now refer to it as God, Goddess, All That I, or Source Energy. Sometimes, simply the Universe.  There are many names given to this ‘something bigger’ so choose any name that suits you.

I also knew I had a ‘soul’ and that my soul would ‘look after me’.  That’s as far as I got with that thought process until I discovered the work of Edward Bach (Bach Flower Remedies) whose basic philosophy is Walk the path of your soul and you’re happy and healthy.  Deviate from the path of your soul and you’ll be unhappy and become ill.

Spiritual being having a physical experience?   I believe we have soul qualities of love at our core and we have a personality, through which we can creatively express our aspect of love in our own unique way

Soul qualities

Soul qualities are different aspects of love. For instances, over the years, I’ve recognised my ‘soul qualities’ are kindness, generosity and flexibility and I can see these qualities playing out in my life every day.

If you can, ask your mother or your gran’ma what you were like as a young child. They might say “Oh, you were the Peacemaker in the family.  You hated us arguing. So you always stepped in to sort out our quarrles”.  Or “You were the responsible one. I could always rely on you”. Or “You’re loyal!  I always know you’re there for me”.

Here is a list of some qualities of love.  As you read through it, feel which ones resonate with you.  See if you can choose 3.  If you can’t choose any – go over them again and choose what you’d like to feel.

 Here’s the list – see what you think.
Peace.             Joy                   Freedom          Strength          Respect           Kindness
Compassion     Wisdom           Loyalty             Harmony         Gratitude         Patience
Service            Selflessness     Faith                Courage          Forgiveness     Generosity

Some of those qualities, or similar ones, will be at the core of your being.  These core soul qualities are Who you Are.

Your personality

By now, you all know that your beliefs create your life.  All our beliefs, one way or another, come down to our beliefs about ourselves.

Society is steeped in beliefs that we’re not even aware of.  Just as a fish doesn’t know or question that it swims in water, we don’t question or even realise some of the beliefs we live with each day.

Your parents lived these beliefs and so you did too.  Here’s just a few examples of societies beliefs about ourselves and life.
Life happens to you and you can’t do anything about it.
Just keep your head down and hope to god you can get it right sometimes.
Don’t do anything wrong because you’ll get hurt/punished.
There isn’t enough to go around.  You must be ‘good’ to deserve.
Money doesn’t grow on trees.

I’m sure you can come up with more.
We’re living these beliefs daily without even knowing it.  And you’re creating your life from these beliefs, often without knowing it.  At the core of these beliefs is worthlessness “I’m not good enough”.    

And this is who you think you are.  But this is not you.

You are good enough.  You have some amazing powerful qualities at your core that are far more potent and powerful that the negative beliefs you’ve grown up with.

Now here’s the wonderful thing.  Sometimes, you spontaneously express your core soul qualities without realising it (back to the fish in water analogy).  They come naturally to you, so you don’t even consider them ‘good bits’,  But your mother, your favourite aunt or your closest friend sees them and values them greatly.

Now’s the time for you to see them too.
The soul qualities in your heart are the truth of Who You Are.

Life is continually showing you beliefs, your thoughts and feelings as they come back to you as experiences and feelings.

Its difficult to realise what your belief is, but its so much easier to recognise how you feel.  The story you tell carries your feelings, and your feelings show you your beliefs.    Our negative feelings, our fears and anxieties, our anger, hurt and blame hold our beliefs in place.   You are not your beliefs – although it might have seemed like it to you.

We are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational universe.  Find a vibrational method of healing your beliefs that suits you.  It’s your fear and anger, your hurt and blame that cover up your soul qualities and keep you from knowing your worth.  As some of you know, I use the Bach Flower Remedies. They have contributed to my spiritual evolment.

Acknowledging your soul qualities is the beginning of building solid foundation for self-worth and self-confidence.

Learning how to create fun and success in your life is an ongoing process and its why you came to earth. Consciously creating a life that expresses your soul qualities of love through your gifts and talents (and yes, you do have those too) is an on-going process – and you then become conscious of living a spiritual life on earth and then, because you now know who you are, you can consciously choose to become more of who you are.

Click here if you’re intrested in knowing more about how the Law of attration works.

Over to you

This is a long blog but I hope you’ve found it helpful.  I hope you realise that there is an extremely powerful and beautiful part of you that needs to be uncovered – and that’s what I’m here to help you do.

I love hearing from you, so please leave your thoughts and comments.  As this is a really important blog, I’m offering a free copy of my Law of Attraction book, for the most interesting comment.

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Rose Todd

  • Gillian says:

    Great blog, lots of food for thought, thank you.

    • Rose Todd says:

      Thank you Gillian. I’m glad you liked it.
      And pleased that it’s given you somethng to think about.
      I hope you come to some good conclusions.
      Warm wishes.

  • The Fox says:

    Thank you for the article!!
    From The Fox

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello ‘The Fox’.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a Comment. I do appreciate it.
      For me, finding out who I am as been a life-long quest.
      Take care and go with love. Rose

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