Relationships. Will You Be Alone On Valentine’s Day

As Valentines’ Day approaches and the whole country seems to focus on romance, we become aware of the huge display of cards, the buckets of deep red roses at the florists and supermarket. And if you’re single, or your relationship has lost its sparkle, you too become acute aware that all is not well in your heart.

We all have dozens of relationships.  You’re in a relationship with everything and everyone you know.  You have relationships with your family, with your friends and colleagues at work and even your favourite staff at your local supermarket.  You even have a relationship with all the people that annoy you too!

With all that said, there’s nothing as important as that one very special relationship that makes your heart sing.

But there’re so many people who won’t receive a card or get even one deep red rose on 14th February.  Cupid apparently has no arrow for them.

You know about the Law of Attraction and how you can attract anything you want into your life – and yet so many are lonely and having a specific day allocated to romance, sort of rubs salt into a wound, doesn’t it?

Why is it so difficult to create a happy and loving relationship?

Here’s a quote from Shakti Gawain’s inspiration book that I read many years ago “Creative Visualisation”

“The people we’re in relationships with are always a mirror reflecting our own believes and simultaneously we are mirrors, reflection their beliefs.  A relationship with another human being is one of the most powerful tools for growth that we have, if we look honestly at our relationships we can see so much about how we have created them”.

The Law of Attraction 

This powerful law manages all the electromagnetic energy of the universe by gathering together matching vibrations.  Every one of your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings create a vibration and through the power of the law of attraction, similar vibrations are drawn together.  Vibrations always match.  So everything in your life is there because you sent out a vibration and a matching vibrations return to you.  (I know you don’t like to hear that, but it’s how life works).

Getting to the heart of the matter

Getting to the heart of the matter in relationships means you must be completely objective and truthful (mostly with yourself)! This is not an easy thing, because it involves our deepest feelings and sharing them with others, makes us very vulnerable.

As with creating a successful life, you need to accept complete responsibility for every facet of your relationships and how your relationship (or lack of it) is or isn’t working.

If you’re in a difficult relationship, then look at what makes it difficult?  What is it that’s making you unhappy?  If you’re single, then have a look at who you think you are and your fears around relationships.

Peter’s Story

Peter sat down before me and asked for help!   He dropped his head into hands, hiding his tears.  His whole bearing said he was ‘heavy’ and at the end of this tether.

He told me he was married with two young children and his wife had recently told him she didn’t love him any more and she was seeing another man.

Peter was devastated and asked me if I could give him and his family a ‘tonic to help him this through’.

Peter did get a tonic – and he got was so much more too …!

You can ready Peter’s story, in his own words, telling how he followed my advice to the last letter, in next week’s blog.  You can read about Peter’s  journey of how he went about rekindling his wife’s love.

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and as I would like to help you start creating a loving relationship that makes your heart sing, I have a Relatiomship Coaching Special Offer.   Click here to find out more – and scroll down until you come to the Relationship Offer.

Click here, if you’d like to create that special someone in your life, or rekindle your love in an old relationship, this coaching is for you.  You and I will work together, going through the exact process that Peter went through.

Remember to read Peter’s story next week – and it’s genuine.  (You’ll be able to tell, as it’s not my ‘writing’).

Over to you

As always, I love to hear from you, so please leave your thoughts and comments in the Comment Box of the Blog.
And I look forward to seeing you here next week.

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