Law of Attraction. Do you measure up?

Gratitide meterHave you let things slip? Have you been totally committed?

How do you measure up on the Gratitude Meter?

I know you’ve heard, not only from me, but in every book you’ve read, on every video you’ve watched and on every website you’ve read, gratitude is one of the most powerful creative emotions.

Idly saying thank you without much feeling is not very powerful. But when you’re fully aware, in the moment, and your gratitude is heartfelt, then it’s important.  Thoughts of gratitude and appreciation that come from the heart raise your vibrations and the law of attraction sends you more, so you begin to notice more things you’re truly grateful to have in your life.

There are several ways to express gratitude. You can just think about it. And although self-talk is important (our lives are created by our self-talk), speaking and writing down our thoughts is much more powerful.

Our voice and hands are two centres of manifestation. 

We don’t think about words, spoken or written, as being manifestations – but they are. If you want something to manifest quickly: speak it and write it down.  I’ve often mentioned to you that if you don’t like how you feel, don’t talk about it – and that includes not putting it on social media!

Some of you have written a Gratitude Journal with excellent results.  This is a good way of conjuring up feelings of gratitude.

At night, make a list of everything you’ve received during the day – and say thank you.  It may be something you’ve bought, a smile from the person on the till at the supermarket, the parking place that ‘magically’ appeared when and where you needed it or for money you’ve received.  You’d be amazed at the gifts the universe sends us when you start to appreciate everything you already have.

How would you know if you’ve been keeping your levels of gratitude high?  If you have, you’d be noticing more things to appreciate and say thank you for.

However, if you’re feeling stressed, disappointed or depleted or you’ve been around someone who upset you, then your thoughts of gratitude have probably been pushed aside.

To get your Gratitude reading high, start counting your blessings.  It seems an old fashioned thing to do in our modern world, but it really does work.  Every evening and every morning list 10 things you appreciate and are glad are in your life (that’s 20 things, don’t list them same 10!)

Keep the heartfelt gratitude high all day and sit back and watch the universe deliver – as if by magic.

If you’re using the 30 Day Diary, you can include your daily gratitude time there.  If not, perhaps you’d like to begin to use this very powerful tool.

Click this link to find out more about how much you can change in just 30 days.

And as always, I’d love to hear from you.


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