Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation

Law of Attraction Coach

This week, I’d like to talk about conscious creation as well as the law of attraction.

A lot has been spoken about the law of attraction and so little about conscious creation and yet conscious creation is the most important thing in our lives.

So first, let me recap about the law of attraction:

Rose-Todd-Law-of-attraction-keyIt is a natural law that always works the way it works – which is like attracts like. We live in a universe of electromagnetic energy and our thoughts and feelings produce electromagnetic energy, which joins the general flow of universal energy. The law of attraction, swings into action and gathers clumps of similar vibrational energy together. When these clumps slow down, they manifest in our lives as experiences that generate the same emotions we’re feeling!

That’s it! There are a few other points, but in a nut shell – that is it!

And there is one really important part. It only ever responds to you – it responds to every thought and feeling you have.

That really is all there is to it.

Now conscious creation is a different kettle of fish!

Rose-Todd-Kettle-of FishThis is all about you and it’s the key to creating the life of your dreams. This about you learning how the law of attraction works and then being able to consciously create all the lovely things you want.

To do this, you have to change you! You have to change your beliefs and your mind-set about yourself and life. Again in a nutshell, the majority of our life is created by our beliefs about who we think we are – our self-image.

We come to earth specifically to learn to consciously create fun. When you’re having fun – how do you feel? Happy and joyful.

We came to learn to consciously create success. How do you feel when you’re successful? Happy and joyful. And if you create success consciously, your life will be full of meaning – so you’ll be living a meaningful life. We all want to be happy and our lives to have meaning and purpose.

When you learn how to consciously create happiness and success you need never be afraid of anyone taking it from you.

If perchance, something does happen and you lose what you’ve created – it doesn’t matter to you because you can create again. And you can create something more magnificent next time – because you know how to consciously create your life.

Life is about you and self-discovery. We have within us a spark that makes us fascinated by ourselves. It’s the spark that makes us ask ‘Who am I?’ and hopefully – the spark turns to an ember and begins to burn brightly – and takes you on the most exciting and inspiring journey ever.

That journey is not only about discovering who you are, but also about consciously choosing and creating the future of your dreams and consciously choosing and creating the You, you dream of becoming in the future.

My Bach Flower Essence Tip

Wild Oat. If you are seeking meaning and purpose in life, Wild Oat will help you find your path.

Put 2 drops in a glass of water and sip frequently. Take it for 7 days continuously and be aware of the coincidences that come into your life – even though we know there is no such thing as coincidence.

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Rose Todd

  • What a great blog Rose! So true is our power to create our path and to learn from past creation! Keep up the amazing flow!!! X

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      Hi Steph. How are you. Thanks for the lovely comment. Glad you like the blogs. I have fun writing them. Sorry about the delay in reply – I seem to have lost quiet a few days lately! Take care Rose

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    Great stuff xx thanks

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      Hi Cat. Thanks for the comment. Glad the blog was helpful and sorry about the delay in replying. Take care. Rose

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