Law of attraction. Dealing With Being Discouraged

When you put in a lot of time and effort into achieving something and it doesn’t work, do you find it hard dealing with being discouraged?

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve put in a lot of effort and time and it doesn’t work out, I get really disappointed.  Being disappointed is a bit like falling off a bike – I sit and feel sorry for myself for a while I rub my sore knees – but then I get back on my bike and start riding again.

But being discouraged is a different matter – at least it is for me. And I should imagine it is for you too.

Why do you get discouraged?

When you do all ‘the right things’ – affirmations, visualisations and manage your positive thoughts the best you can – and nothing happens – it’s discouraging.

When what you want is really important to you – for example if you’re in financial difficulties and you want to  manifest more money, and the money’s not coming, then you’ll feel the financial pressure – so not only are you worried sick about money, but you’re disappointed and become discouraged too.

So many people these days, when talking about the Law of Attraction, promise you can have anything you want when you use certain tools and specific techniques.  And you did that and still what you want isn’t manifesting!

That’s what causes you to become discouraged and want to give up altogether.   You’ve put in the effort and not got the results you hoped for.

Everyone said you were crazy to believe in this Law of Attraction stuff and perhaps they were right?

Live life to the full

I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly naturally to fall of your bike when you begin to learn to ride.  You are the creator of your life – you’re doing it already, without know it!

So, all you have to do is learn how it works, and then work with it.  And of course you’re going to fall down because you’ve got to learn new skills and techniques and develop new positive beliefs about yourself – it takes time and patience.  But you can get there.

You can life life to the full.  You can swing as high as you like!

You can do it! 

The promise I offer you is that with commitment, patience and practice (no one ever does anything perfectly first time) – you can live life to the full and love every minute of it.  And who could want more than that?

Stay strong and focused

Stay strong and stay focused on your 3 or 4 goals for today.  And at the end of the day, when you’ve achieved them, you’ll feel good about yourself and the process – and you’ll soon see changes in your life, even if they are very tiny ones. Remember from an acorn the mighty oak tree grows.

The biggest secret of all…

I’m now going to reveal to you the biggest secret of all.

I know you’ve been promised by some books and teachers that you can ‘attract’ your dreams to you.

Well you can’t really.  The secret is you have to grow, change your beliefs about yourself and become your dream (attitude, thoughts and feelings) before the Universe can deliver.

It’s only when you actually believe that you can have what you want, that it will come to you.

Don’t be discouraged for too long.  Pick yourself up; shake yourself off – and get back on your bike – wiser now for the experience that disappointed because it shows you another one of your beliefs that’s holding your manifestation at bay.

The bottom line is

Always be pleased with what you’ve achieved today:
Always be pleased with where you are:
And always be grateful for what you have at this moment.  (It’s more than you think).
And always strive to be the best you can be.

If you do no more than this, your life will begin to change.
You can change your life – I know you can.


Over to you  

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