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Anyone who says they don’t have money issues is either lying or delusional!  Even those who have a lot of money still have money issues.

Money is the foundation of our lives

It’s so entrenched in our society that we don’t really understand it’s influence at a deep level.
Few people want money just for the sake of just ‘having money’.  Most people want money for what it’ll give them.  When I ask people why they want a lot of money, the answers are as numerous as the number of people I ask.  We all want money – but we want it because it can give us something else.  And that something else is a ‘feeling’.

Why do you want money?
Money is a ‘stand-in’ for other things.  Although the Beatles tell us quite plainly that money ‘can’t buy me love’, I’m sure some will dispute that.  However, money can be a stand-in for love.  It can also be a stand-in for comfort, pleasure and joy.   Many want money for the freedom it will give them.

Put aside for a moment, that you might want more money to get out debt or a financial muddle.  Why are you reading this blog – why do you want money?  What does having a lot of money mean to you?

Money and value

There’s been times when you’ve thought to yourself “I’m not paying that much for that!”.  This means that you didn’t agree with the seller about the value they’d placed on the item they were selling.  Money only comes through people, and we only exchange money for what we value. And, we’ll only pay the amount we value it.

To take this one step further, an employer will put a value on the work you provide and pay you according to his values – even if his their values are not yours.
If you work for yourself, you have to decide how much to charge.
To put it another way, you need to decide how much you value your services – how much your services are worth.

Law of Attraction and money

So, what has all this got to with the Law of Attraction and money?
Everything.  In a nutshell, your money situation is an exact reflection of your relationship with money – your money story.   It’s the story you tell yourself about money.  And that is an exact reflection of how much you value you.

Most people think they’ll fix their money problems by reading a few financial books and then all will be well.  Or that they just need to earn more money, or maybe that wonderful ‘fairy-godmother’ called The Lottery, will solve all their problems.
It doesn’t work like that I’m afraid.

The key to solving your relationship with money lies within. (Your outer world is an exact reflection of your inner world).  It’s not about beating yourself up, or putting yourself on a strict ‘money-spending’ diet.  It’s about seeing what part you play in your money-relationship. It’s about deciding what you really value in your life.  It’s about seeing who you truly are in relation to money.

To have a good relationship with money, you must know who you are and what your purpose is in this world.

Take what I’ve written and have a look at your own life.

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Before you can change anything, you must have a realistic view of where you are.  This is the beginning of being able to create financial freedom.

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One quick note before you go over to sign up for the Members Areas and find out more about financial situation.

The most helpful tool

The most helpful ‘tool’ I’ve discovered is Journaling.  I’ve journaled for 20 years or so, and have done so regularly since I began consistently working with the law of attraction.  It’s a really good thing to do as you as you look at your financial situation. It seems like a good idea to me to begin a dedicated Money journal as you begin your new money relationship.  This is also covered in more detail in the Mind Shift Members Area.

Over to you.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and are enthusiastic to try to change your money-story.  I love hearing from you, so please leave your comments.  You’ll enter the Comment Competition and you could win a free copy of my book This and That. A tea and biscuit philosophy on life and the Law of Attraction.



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