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You’ve been told that we manifest things naturally and yet I’m sure by now you’ve found out that it doesn’t often work as you wanted it to.

We all start out wanting to get out of a crisis: wanting something that is going to make our lives easier and happier.

You’re told to dream big and think positive and I’m sure you can do that – sometimes.  It probably feels like a Disneyland fantasy to you andTrapped_in_crisis somehow you can’t make it feel real.  This is because when your crisis is so bad and is making life really difficult, your feelings are intense and they keep you trapped in crisis.

We all have more negative thoughts than we like.  Think of it like this…

Every thought is two thoughts.

When you think about what you want, you have the ‘oh, that’s wonderful’ thought and the ‘oh, I’ll never do that’ thought.

Here are 2 simple ways that can help you use your crisis: 2 simple ways to turn down the volume on the negative thought, and turn up the positive.

Think small

Contrary to what you’ve told about thinking big, when The Voice In Your Head is loud and strong, drowning any positive thoughts you can muster, it’s time to ‘think small’.

Bring your thoughts closer to you.  What can you do today – in fact, think of one thing you can do now, this minute that will take you one step that’s going to make today easier.  If you can think of something that’ll take you towards your goal, so much the better

Right now, put aside the dream and concentrate on finding relief from how you’re feeling, in this moment.

Better feeling thought

Make sure that what you decide to do makes you feel better.  If you feel worse when you think about doing something – don’t do it! Music notes

Always reach for a better feeling thought.  (Your feelings are much more powerful than your thoughts. Emotions are the creative drive).Music notes

I find one of the easiest ways to feel better is to play some music.  Match the music to your feelings and you’ll soon begin to feel much better.


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Rose Todd

  • Carol Hanson says:

    Fabulous advice Rose! Thanks so much for some great reminders of things it’s easy to forget when the noise gets too loud! For me my switch off is to get out with my dogs to clear my head and put life back in perspective. x

    • Rose Todd says:

      Hello Carol.
      Thank you for leaving your comment. Sometimes it seems as if there are too many components involved in creating our reality that some slip by the wayside. I do find it very useful to be reminded of the simple things we can do to help us move towards are dream. Both dogs and walking in nature are excellent ways of clearing your head.
      I love your comment, so have decided that you win the Comment Competition for March of a copy of my book This and That. A tea and biscuit philosophy on life and the law of attraction. I’ll be contacting you on your email address to ask for your postal address.
      Thank you for your comment – I do love to receive them.

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