How sharp is your stone?

How sharp is the stone in your shoe?
Is it sharp enough to make you do something about it, or will you put up with?

These may seem a funny questions, but just think back to the last time you had a stone in your shoe.  It’s really very uncomfortable.

It’s a metaphor

Now, before you Click away, I know you’re thinking ‘what on earth is she going on about now!  I’m interested in the Law of Attraction.  I want to create a happier life, not talk about stones!’

The stone is a metaphor for your beliefs and is very relevant to helping you create a life you’d love living, so stay with me,

Often, if is only a small stone or you’re in a hurry, you don’t bother to take the time to take off your shoe, give it aPainful_Stone_in_Shoe good shake to get the stone out.  So you put up with it.  And then you sort-of get used to it, so you carry on.  It’s almost as it’s just ‘there’ and you learn to live with it.

But the stone is digging into the sole of your foot and as the day goes on, that part of your foot becomes tender and sore. And so the pain gets worse with every step.

Life’s always changing

Have you realised that life is always changing – every moment?  We all see life through the lens of our unique beliefs – so as life changes, you’ll see life’s either getting worse or better for you.

Now, if you have a stone in your shoe and you haven’t stopped to take it out, then life is only going to get worse for you!

So, I ask you again, how sharp is the stone in your shoe?  How painful is the ‘stone in your life?
Is the pain going to drive you to do something about that stone?

Are you ready to get rid of the stone in your shoe?  Are you ready to make the necessary changes in your life to eventually stop the pain?

Letting Go

Everyone tells us to let go of all the negative beliefs and feelings we have.  But have you noticed how difficult it is to do that?  Have you noticed, that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t keep your thoughts positive?

That’s because the feelings that go with the thoughts are so intense and so painful that we can’t let them go.

To move on in your life, to actually once and for all, take that sharp stone out of your shoe, you have to heal the pain.

Letting go is about healing.  Healing is the pathway to the future.  You don’t want to get better to ‘fix’ the past – you want to feel better so that tomorrow will be better than today!  You want to change how you feel so you can get to the Dont_leave_it_to_chancewonderful dream.

Don’t leave it to chance – make your own changes.
It’s all about healing and the future.

If the stone in your shoe has become too sharp to live with any more and you’re seriously ready to step forward and do your healing, then I have just the thing for you.

Bach Flower Remedies will soothe your feelings, heal your pain and change your beliefs – all without you Wild Rose Liftedhaving to do anything more than choose and take the appropriate remedy.

It’s the simplest and most effective method of healing I’ve come across in all my 3 score years and 10.

If you’d like to know m ore about the Bach Flower Remedies, then have a look at my on-line course.

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